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new logo & on-air package for ESPN College Football


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on BrandNew: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_and_on-air_packaging_for_espn_college_football_by_loyalkaspar.php#.Vjkvh6Z3Y-8



i'm one to adapt to these kinds of things fairly well and i can usually find some things a project like this brings that succeeds the previous version. i can't find anything i like about this new identity. this logo is not good in any way. it's styling and "personality" looks like something meant for Batman, MMA, or maybe something auto related.

they killed all the pageantry of CFB. the warm autumn colors, the striped ball, the stadium rafters, college block lettering - you can practically hear the snap of the band's snare and crowd roar coming from that logo. this new stuff has absolutely nothing comparable to that. this belt buckle of a logo sucks - i can't explain it any more clearly than that, it just sucks.

if there is one thing to like though, its the landscapes. they're cool. but the whole "voice" they have here with the music, type, color, texture - it all feels wrong. i feel like they spent a lot of time of creating the landscapes and said "lets make the logo edgy" and whipped it up in a day.

i give it an F

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