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NFL 2020: AFC West


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Moving along to Kansas City: 




-helmet gets stripes. which really is the only big change. 

-jersey stays relatively the same. 

-so do the pants

-socks are still striped

-shoes are white. 






And we have a firewagon change here. 1962 Dallas Texans look. 


Not a lot going on here, but C&C on this or the Broncos is welcomed. 

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2 hours ago, dsaline97 said:

You should, uh not have monochrome. The Chiefs blood clot is an eyesore, IMO. 

I agree with you, but I was just getting tired of doing dark jersey/lighter pants, white jersey, dark pants. 

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With my schedule getting cramped in the coming week, I'm hoping to wrap this up soon. 




Raiders uniforms have changed about as much as the Chiefs. That being said, a few little changes shouldn't be to bad. 


-helmet remains pretty much unchanged. facemask is black, stripe is a little thicker. 

-jerseys now have a little shoulder loop, meant to emulate a sword. 

-pants are shiny silver (if only). 

-black socks

-silver shoes. 






Throwbacks come from 1964. 


C&C welcome. 

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I've been quietly following this thread for awhile now and I've got to say I really like a lot of what you've got going on here. 


Oakland: That's probably the most "adventurous" Raiders concept I've ever seen! :D The only thing I would change is to make the pants stripe go up to the top of the pants.


Kansas City: Not sold on the helmet stripe, but still solid nonetheless.


Denver: Not sold on the mane striping either. If you're wanting to stick with it, I'd make the sleeve caps navy on both the home and away so that you'd have the orange mane. Also, to bounce off of what BBTV said, the mane would be upside-down for the O-linemen, D-linemen, QB, RB, etc. All you'd need to do is flip the mane on the pans and you should be good. 


As a whole, your NFC West is really solid as well. The only thing I would do is tone down the gold on the 49ers as it looks a little too yellow to me. Bring it back to more of the tan-ish/khaki gold (with the shininess still intact, of course) and you're set. 

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Ok, last team in the AFC West!




I've allowed navy and powder blue to coexist for too long and not do anything about it. 


-helmet is still white. changed the facemask to a powder blue. Also, made the logo all chromey and reflective. 

-I used the traditional shoulder bolts on my last uniforms for the Chargers, but this time I went back to the "bastardized lightning bolts" as Lights Out once referred to them as. 

-kept the font, you know why.

-yellow pants are an option once again. 

-powder socks

-yellow shoes. 






These wonders come right out of '63, where the Chargers were the AFL champions. 


C&C welcome on the whole division, and stick around if you want for the Pro Bowl. 

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Broncos: Wouldn't have sleeve stripe contrast on away

Chiefs: Love new helmet stripe

Raiders: Like the new sleeve stripe. Looks good in metallic silver

Chargers: Not sure about chrome logo on helmet but it's growing on me. Everything else looks great.

This series has been terrific wish this would actually happen. Can't wait for Pro Bowl.


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AFC West Updates: 






So I changed the sleeves all across the board so they all are navy with orange mane. I'm a little concerned about how that would show up on the orange jersey, but at least everything is consistent. Pant stripe was flipped so now it would be upright in a lineman stance. 




no complaints.






Not an earth shattering change, but I moved the sword/stripe up to the top of the pants. 




5 hours ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

Chargers look nice. I'd rather see it with gold bolts on the helmet. Then again I like it more each time I see it. Good call on the metallic stickers. 

I want to take a moment to express how terrific this series has been. Really top notch with clever, forward thinking ideas. 


I tried it with the gold bolt but on a white helmet, I feel like without the navy it would get lost really easily. So the Chargers ended up not changing. 


Final C&C welcome and the Pro Bowl will be up tomorrow. 

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So got a little busy, but here I am, coming to you live from the Buffalo-Niagara Int'l Airport with the final uniforms: the Pro Bowl. 




I figured for one year that the NFL would go back to a conferenced game for the 100th anniversary. That being said I didn't go full throwback on the uniforms. 


-Instead of team helmets, the Pro Bowl 2020 uses white helmets for the NFC, red for the AFC. Triple stripe on both, colored accordingly. And because all the cool kids do this, conference logo on one side, team on the other. 

-NFC is in blue, AFC in white. Stripes on both uniforms, I used the new Pro Bowl font because I'm actually a big fan of it. Stars on the back on the collars indicate how many Pro Bowls the players have been to. 

-Pants are also white and red for their respective teams, stripes truncate because this is not quite a throwback. 

-Socks are done according to uniforms. 

-Shoes are white for both teams, thought a little different for each team. 


C&C if you want. 


I want to say thanks to all who supported this thread and commented and even thrashed me a little bit for my selection of throwbacks and how I went about it. That being said, stay tuned for the follow up thread to this one where I add the alternate helmets and uniforms, not to mention all the Breast Cancer, Salute to Service, Color Rush, and any other uniform type things I can come up with. Until then, stay safe and have fun.:flagusa:



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This isn't a knock on your work. There has been a pet peeve I have had with pro bowl jerseys in the NFC/AFC era. There has always been a team with a white jersey. It's typically a neutral site so there is no need for there to have a designated home and away team. It should be red jerseys vs blue jerseys. Now that being said I will say though these are very solid jerseys. Helmets are also a nice touch

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