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NFL 2020: AFC West


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10 years is Bronze

25 years is Silver

50 years is Gold

75 years is Diamond

100 years is a long time. That's it.

Ok I figured it was some metal so that is why I asked

Actually I do think its is platinum, as JTswag187 said. I am basing this solely on the fact that a US gold eagle is $50 and a US platinum eagle is $100. Its at least a step in the right direction.

Anyhow, this is a good idea and I'd like to see where it goes. I always hoped for the NFL's 100th (lets not get caught up in dates) that each team would cycle through the different eras of their uniform history (one helmet rule makes this impossible) which would be neat to see.

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Here's Philly.

Sketches: 2020 Throwback


I went back and looked at my previous Eagles redesigns and wondered how drunk I had to have been when I made them. If you want to see look here and here. I can get behind double blue or double green, but not double grey. Anyways. I was looking through the Eagles uni history and the I liked the uniforms from '74 to '84. The striping was unique, but in no way plausible for the sleeves football players wear nowadays. So I slightly tweaked it and came up with what you see.

  • Black is gone.
  • Kelly green helmets, wings on sides as per usual
  • Jerseys have unique striping pattern, no frills
  • Pants have a shortened triple stripe, Eagle on the hip (it looks clustered because it is. The mach speed pants don't handle hip logos well).
  • Green socks, white shoes



Throwbacks come straight outta 1948, the year the Eagles won the NFL .

C and C welcome.

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This Philly concept looks amazing! The elimination of the Midnight green makes the team look more classic, and it's a simple alteration like that which makes concepts work.

I feel that the throwbacks should use a lighter grey, because I fear that if this was a real life uniform, the grey would be too hard to discern from the dark green

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I'll be posting updates when at the end of every division, so to expedite the process, here's Washington

Sketches: 2020 Throwbacks (I am limited by what colors Sharpie decides to produce, so they're a bit off)


I find the Redskins current uniforms and my past redesign to be really boring. I wanted to spice their uniforms up a little bit, but keep it classy. The DC flag inspired a lot of the design.

  • Helmet is still burgundy, still has the Redskins logo on the side. This time, it has a yellow double stripe, that terminates much in the same way Oregon State's does. 3 stars adorn the back under the stripe, which come from the DC flag. Plus the 'Skins have won 3 Super Bowls, so 3 stars. Bang.
  • Jerseys contain 2 stripes, yes colored sleeve caps, I felt the design was lost when I changed the stripe colors.
  • Pants have same stripe design.
  • Burgundy socks, yellow shoes.

Fauxback time:


I built this from past Redskins uniforms:

  • Helmet feather from: c.1959-1964
  • Jersey stripes: 1934 (Boston Redskins)
  • Jersey color: Current throwbacks (1937)
  • Jersey font: 1945, the team photo made it look like a modified Clarendon
  • Pants color: 1934 (Boston Redskins)
  • Pants stripe: 1962-68
  • Socks: 1934 + colors (1944-1949)

There's a lot that went in and I like what came out.

C & C welcome.

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