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NFL 2020: AFC West


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Moving on to the Super Bowl runner ups, Carolina. 




I think Carolina needs a complete overhaul. I don't mind the logos, wordmarks, etc. But I was really opened up to how honestly bad their uniforms are. I thnk the worst offenders are the white uniforms, which Chromatic summed up by saying "The worst offender is the white uniform. The jersey, pants and socks are all white, black and with a tint of blue, yet the helmet is silver which looks entirely out of place.". I tried to rectify this, but I already failed and you might notice it. 


-Helmet stays metallic flake silver. I think that Carolina should use the 3 claw mark motif they use in the new wordmark, this replaces the fugly stripe they currently have. 

-Ah, the cap sleeve phenomenon has arrived in the NFL. Jerseys are Blue and white. 3 claw marks present, not a lot going on. 

-Pants are metallic silver (if only the really could be), 3 claw marks present. 

-Blue shoes and socks. 






Panthers fall into the Raven's situation being that even in 2020, they aren't that old. Nevertheless, threw it back to the first uniform set they ever wore. It was nice to see the old Panther return to the field. 


C and C welcome. 

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Something about the claw marks on the helmet isn't working for me. Maybe there is a contrast with the treatment on the pants or the logo but I think it can mesh better with the rest of the uniform. I like the cap concept. Interestingly enough, have you ever wondered about why teams put claw marks on their uniforms? A claw mark means the team has been clawed by some tougher creature. If the animal was the biggest baddest one on the block, it would be the one doing the clawing not the one clawed.

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Sorry I've been gone, I've been playing hockey in Great Falls, Montana and got beat up a bit. :P


Anyways, here are the New Orleans Saints




I really have few complaints with the Saints current threads, though they are quite boring in retrospect. The lack of stripes on the black pants really grinds my gears, which I know is a shared opinion amongst many board members. 


-satin gold helmet finish (think Seattle, Minnesota), fleur-de-lis graces the sides, with one less outline. Triple stripe, black facemask. 

-I extended the triple stripe to the shoulders to give the uniforms a little more flavor. Also I carried over the use of Clarendon from my last thread. I don't know, I felt that it fits New Orleans. 

-All pants have the triple stripe, including the black. You can cheer if you want. 

-Black socks, gold shoes. 






Pretty simple. Threw it back to 1967, first uniforms the Saints ever wore. 


C&C welcome as always, Tampa Bay will be up soon. 

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C and C is becoming harder and harder to come by, I'll finish the NFC South then. 




Personally, I have grown to tolerate the new Bucs uniforms. The number font as it currently is? That is a disaster. It's a few tweaks, in my opinion from not being complete trash. I knocked around the idea of removing orange but rejected it at the last second, but now I'm rethinking it. 


-kept the matted look for the helmet, shrunk the logo a bit. 

-I rolled with a sword-looking shoulder design to try and give the uniforms a bit more life than just a shoulder yoke. 

-I've started to play with the font, and might do more in a separate thread, but I removed the alarm clock looking part of the numbers and messed around with the 5 a little. 

-Pants have the sword on the sides a la stripe. 

-One color of socks: red. 

-Shoes are pewter. 






First uniforms they ever wore, and two of my favorite uniforms ever worn (This is an unpopular opinion in some parts of the internet). 


NFC South is nearing completion, just looking for C&C on the division to get updates done and then we'll be on to the AFC South. 





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The only thing that I don't like about the Falcons uni is that the stripes are awkward when they meet on the sides. I don't really know a better way to describe it other than that it's just taking the stripe on the front-facing jersey picture and copy pasting it twice, sorry if that's confusing...

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I'm loving how these are turning out, especially the Falcons . At first, my only gripe would've been about the pants for the Eagles look. I would've liked to have seen how it would've looked had the slant of the stripes were reversed, but that may go against the seams. Plus the smaller logo within the width of the stripes works well with it.

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I've really got to stop killing this thread. 


NFC South updates are here. 




I added a gold outline to the numbers. Unfortunately it gets lost on the white, which is the price of consistency. 




Changed up the helmet stripe to something closer that they wear now, plus it keeps the motif of all the marks being the same color., 




I brightened up the pewter, which I think works a lot better. Part of me still wants to drop orange, but I haven't decided yet. I may come back to this. 


C&C these, and I may come back to the Bucs. 

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Better late than never.




Just because the Cowboys are known for the star doesn't mean that the other Texas NFL team couldn't use it. 


-navy helmet, red facemask to break up the monotony. New striping pattern, Texans logo on the sides. 

-I went with red as the home jersey because every team in the AFC South uses a shade of blue. Red would break that up. 

-Angled northwestern stripe, pretty simple. 

-Pants have the new stripe. 

-Red and navy socks, red shoes






Youngest team in the NFL, so their uniforms should be oddly familiar. 


C&C welcome. 

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