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Best and Worst sleeved jerseys


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I think there have been 2 decently designed sleeved jerseys in the NBA so far.

1. Minny's Black Alt.

2. Clippers old light blue jersey.

I'd only say Minnesota's jersey. The Clippers was -- meh. But, then again -- I'd take it over anything they have now.

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I like the idea of sleeved jerseys. I can see no reason to object to the wearing of a normal shirt.

I get that the tank-top-style jersey is more traditional; thats the kind of argument that I use when defending the proposition that baseball players should show their socks (preferably with stirrups). But, for some reason I dont see this argument applying here. A baseball uniform without visible sock doesnt look like a baseball uniform; whereas, to me, the sleeved jerseys still look appropriate for a basketball uniform.

And some of them are pretry good. Golden State's is nice. The Nuggets new one is very dignified looking.

But the best sleeved jersey is the Nets'. Indeed, the Nets' sleeved jersey is their only good jersey; it's the best looking jersey that they have worn since the move.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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