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Lafarge's Logolympiad Entries -- F.C. Nuuksio


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Now that the first event of Logolympiad in which I competed has come to a close, I figured I'd post my design and explanation here, as well as any other designs that I may enter in later rounds.

First up, my design for F.C. Nuuksio. I was lucky enough to win gold for this, but I'd still love to hear C+C, especially from those of you who did not include the design in the top 3.



F.C. Nuuksio's color scheme is based upon Espoo's coat of arms, as well as the use of double blue in Finnish sports. The light blue and yellow are taken directly from the coat of arms itself. However, I found that a third, darker color would be necessary. This resulted in choosing black, but it felt a bit too harsh. By combining black and the light blue color, I created a navy color that I felt added sufficient contrast without being to harsh compared to the light blue and yellow. I personally love double blue color schemes, and I felt that the yellow combined gave it a strong St. Louis Blues-esque look.


The design of the crest was initially based upon the coat of arms of Espoo. I felt the crown and horseshoe could act as a strong base for a crest. The crown at the top is based on the crown, but in a manner that I found to be a bit cleaner and stronger as a logo. The crest itself is actually based on the shape of the horseshoe, (which was initially meant to be the main feature). Next, I toyed around a bit with maybe including a diagonal Finnish flag, which resulted in the diagonal "sash" on the shield. The yellow was initially the top stripe on the sash, but I felt that yellow and light blue touching caused the colors to blend, so a smaller blue line was added above the yellow to create a barrier. The Nuuksio district is home Nuuksio national park, and which became the inspiration for the inclusion of trees. Finally, I placed the horseshoe from the coat of arms in the top corner. However, I wasn't a fan, so I changed it to the moon, which allowed the dark blue trees on the light blue sky to create a nice twilight effect. Finally, I placed F.C. Nuuksio in white upon the sash. I wasn't really sure how to include Espoo on the crest, which was required, so I placed in small underneath F.C. Nuuksio in light blue, to give it minimal presence. (Normally, I'd simply include Nuuksio, but I had to make do).


I'm a huge fan of the way the St. Louis Blues (in particular) balance their double blue color scheme, so I wanted to make a design that was similar. The base shirt color is the lighter blue and features the sash from the shield as a horizontal stripe. I initially wanted to make the sash diagonal, but I found that I could include the design without having the shirt sponsor break the stripe if it were horizontal. The collar also matches the Navy-Yellow-Navy pattern. The socks simply mimicked the design of the shirt. Finally, I chose simple Navy shorts with a yellow stripe, which I felt tied in well with the shirt.

The away kit followed the theme with a white shirt that featured the striping pattern on the sleeves. The same shorts were used, and the sock design was altered to be mostly white, which better matched the overall kit design.

Two embellishments were utilized on both shirts. The first is features at the bottom, where two small trees are formed. These trees were inspired by the small embellishments that the US Centennial jerseys had a few years ago, featuring a small triangle with stars and stripes. On the neck of the shirt is the crown and horseshoe from the coat of arms.


So, there you have it. Once again, thanks to everyone for the votes, and thanks in advance for your C+C!

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