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Need help with NCAA football friendly tournament logos


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Hello again guys, I'm back requesting some assistance with some logos i'm making for a little NCAA tournament thing. It's been a running tradition for a few years now with me and a couple of friends, and for this year I decided to step it up and whip up some logos for the fictional teams we created. So far I have two, one for the Serra University Padres, and another for the Maui State University Seals.


So far this is what I have for Serra. Fore reference, I am basing this design off a statue outside the Ventura City Capitol (this fictional university is in Ventura, CAL). The statue is of Junipero Serra, the founder of Ventura. He was a priest, and that where the PADRE name comes from. As a whole, I'm just not very satisfied with the logo as a whole.I've worked alot on this, but I've reached a point where I just can't figure out what to do. So some tips or advice would be very appreciated.


Aaaand here are the Maui State Seals. Just a simple seal balancing a beach ball on his nose. The M stands for Maui obviously, but I'm having trouble seeing what to do with the back of the seal. It just seems very open and blank, and im not sure how to fix that. Thanks to everyone for checking this out, have a great day and I'm looking forward to hearing your C&C.

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