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Definitely the hardest one to vote for yet. So many good designs, I feel bad narrowing it down to so few.

G: 8

S: 17

B: 24

HM1: 10

HM2: 31

Legitimately, the margin between bronze and honorable mention 1 was microscopic. Huge congrats to all the designers for an awesome job here.

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G- 8

S - 10

B - 2

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Gold- 8

Silver- 26

Bronze- 19

If the white jersey on #4 didn't have the Eagle that would have made it in the top 3.

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Plenty of nice work in this competition. I found that my favorite entries had strong wordmarks and/or custom work, along with believable baseball striping (with room for creativity). My pick for Gold was easy, but after that it was nearly impossible.

My top 3:

  1. Entry 10 (the work you put into this was clear and you should be rewarded for that; I wish you had changed the wack number font more and I'm not convinced that the secondary cap logo works for a prospective MLB team, but overall what a great concept; I'm honestly grateful for Logolympiad 2015 providing the opportunity for me to see this)
  2. Entry 2 (just a great all-around look; I like how you appropriated that quirky retro logo too)
  3. Entry 25 (ultimately I felt I had to reward you for doing the best job at creating a new identity with an existing one; nice custom secondary logo too)

Honorable mentions:

  • Entry 29 (not completely convinced by the cap logo, but the rest looks great)
  • Entry 8 (even if the tapered pants stripe is authentic to new Nike football uniforms, I wish you'd avoided it on baseball pants; the rest is great)
  • Entry 20 (same as above)
  • Entry 23 (nice job of doing something like what Entry 25 did, by reinterpreting the NFL identity into something different for MLB, even though that's not as hard when you have the A's as reference)
  • Entry 28 (creative)
  • Entry 21 (creative use of the retro jet logo motif, but I don't think the execution was quite there)
  • Entry 19 and 31 (hard to go wrong with their identity, I guess)

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Gold: 24

Silver: 29

Bronze: 8

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Here are the medals!


The bronze medal goes to rsaline, for Entry 29.


The silver medal goes to bkknight95, for Entry 8.


And the gold medal goes to OmegaRed, for Entry 10!

Please copy the medals and host them on your account if you want to add them to your signature.

List of participants and points tally:

1 hettinger_rl


3 mr.nascar13

4 officeglenn

5 ECUFan25

6 Whittier S

7 Griffinmarlins

8 bkknight95

9 JTswag187

10 OmegaRed

11 Power_Ranger_Rick

12 packerfan21396

13 RTI

14 JimmyN64

15 eRay

16 TCutt

17 Moseph

18 jdp

19 macalesterscots

20 derschwigg

21 Pulv!

22 panthers_2012

23 levijeromeSF

24 dsaline97

25 GoNordiques

26 H11K

27 72Freebie

28 davidmiller5

29 rsaline

30 friendang

31 atwarren44


Full album here



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Thanks to everyone who voted for my concept! Means a lot.

I actually did another version for New England but decided to enter the Bucs, just because I thought there might be a few entries for NE.

I was pretty happy with my Patriots version and I'll post it later on in the concepts section.

One thing that surprised me was that nobody who did New England, decided to use the Patriots script logo. Which works great for baseball.

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OmegaRed- let's admit it. You crushed this competition. Just look at the scores. Plus, you have by far (no offense to others) the best new logo. You created something out of a imo terrible brand and made it awesome. Entries 2, 25, 30, 29, adn others made good logos, but not really comparable to that wondrous roundel and then the swinging skull-faced dude? SWEET!! I want to hate you for winning so much, but you do some great work, so I congratulate you for that, OmegaRed.

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