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So I was googling UMass football to find out why they play at Gillette Stadium, 65 miles away from their campus. Turns out 2 days ago this article was written

Some students at UMass Amherst want the university to change its mascot and seal, which they say are legacies of racism.

The students took part in a nationwide protest to improve conditions for university students. Among the UMass demands are more recruitment of students of color, gender-neutral bathrooms and replacement of the school’s official seal and mascot.

Student organizer Charlotte Kelly says the seal – depicting a Native American holding tools — is offensive.

“We do live in occupied, colonized land,” says Kelly. “This land had been a part of indigenous communities before it became the University of Massachusetts. And for us to be capitalizing and using a Native American figure as our seal seems really hurtful and violent.”

And Kelly says the Minuteman athletic mascot has its own problems related to colonization — and gender.

UMass released a statement saying it welcomes student input and will consider the issues brought up by protesters

So if you didn't know, UMass is the Minutemen. Their seal is a school-colored version of the seal of Massachusetts, which features a Native American.

What do yu guys think?

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