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Just A Quick Clippers Post


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Hello again. Awhile back (during the summer) i posted a clippers logo concept because i didn't like the re-brand that they have gone with (still don't). i had fun creating my concept, but i was still new to creating logos an such and i know they weren't very good. some time after i posted the initial concept i started working on another clippers re-brand just to try and improve on making my work. i came up with three concepts, granted one is just a rehash of the San Diego Clippers logo just modernized with a new Font and colors. 2 of them i made the same day made apparent by the Font used and the other was made before those 2 during the time that i was working on my USPBL concept (my fictional basketball league). these were all made rather quickly and i didn't really smooth out the bumps so im sorry for the overall sloppiness but i just wanted to know what some of you thought of them. so without further ado here are the logos

C&C always appreciated. :welcome:




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I really appreciate the feedback and again i apologies for the heavy word-marking.

Love these! I really wouldn't be surprised if the clippers current logo only goes a few years. In your third logo I'd love to see the "la" written from the rope coming off the anchor... I'd just like to see how that would look. Love this set of logos.

I'm not actually working on these anymore but thank you for the feedback again. I've seen the rope idea done a million times, not to say it isn't good design wise, but at the time i was working on it I just didn't want to do it.

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