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Embleton Gunners


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Hi all. I paid dgnmrwrw (Tyler) to do a logo for a fictional baseball team called the Embleton Gunners:


I recently saw he did a secondary logo for the Columbus Blue Jackets using the same cannons:


Which I absolutely love. I wanted to have a crack myself (as I'm not a logo designer by any means) at designing a new Gunners logo using a similar style. The font I used is from Conrad's font packs so credit goes to bth of these guys. C&C welcome.


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I added the seams but I'm not sure if it really works. It cheapens the logo in my opinion. I had to remove the year established so I could fit the seams in as they couldn't be vertical or they'd be lost behind the cannons.


It actually doesn't cheapen the look. Keep in mind that one logo will not work well for all sports. Each sport's logos (sans college) have a unique appearance that can help you immediately figure out which it belongs to. Even if it isn't as obvious as the baseball stripes. For example, when seeing your original version, I thought it was for a soccer team considering it was a simple roundel with very few components and a date. Removing the date and adding the simple seams gives it the unique appearance of a baseball team.

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