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Kentucky Football Redesign


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Hello! First time poster here. Recently, I went to the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt football game, and figured that Kentucky deserved new uniforms, on the Mach Speed template, despite their current ones being just fine. Here is my take on the Wildcats' uniforms:





Alternate 1


Alternate 2


And lastly, a 3rd Alternate


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I do like Kentucky on the Mach speed, but for the most part, these are just minor tweaks of the current uniforms, aside from the contrasting colored shoulder caps on the blue tops.

The grey feels very forced. I don't see much reason to have a grey clone of the white or blue uniforms (that goes for current uniforms in general as well).

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Can't say I'm a huge fan of that checkered pattern sleeve. The diamonds they wore either.

I do however like the large logo helmet. Would like to see them go back to their white helmet too. White with a metallic blue logo.

What about a ghost logo on the sleeve kind of like the 2010 bball uniforms had on their back?

Definitely don't hate'em though happy to see Kentucky get some love too.

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