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Minnesota returning to CILL in 2016: Meet the Ox


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After losing the NLL Swarm to Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul is not staying out of indoor lacrosse for very long. The same management behind the Minnesota Jaxx team that spent a season in the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League's predecessor, the MILA, has been announced as returning to the CILL for the 2016 season, but under a new name: The Minnesota Ox (as in Paul Bunyan's blue ox).

The team's logo, as you might have guessed, is in both my avatar and my sig. No, I did not design it, though I did design the tickets for their debut exhibition game back in September against the CILL's Chicago Outlaws, a 19-10 loss. (They're trying to schedule some more exhibitions between now and next summer when they make their league debut.) In fact I'm a part-time volunteer for the Ox for designing graphics like their ticket, the roster sheets handed out at games, and a PDF team guide meant for fans to download from the team site and view at the game on phones and tablets (though that won't be ready until the new season).


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Okay, I realize this is only semi-pro box lax, but is anyone in Grand Rapids familiar with the concept of "intellectual property" and/or "getting the living hell sued out of you"?


It's a nice looking update to the Flying Hellfish logo though, I'll give them that.

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