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Bigred's NFL (32/32 Chargers added, project clear!)


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This is the first football concept I've ever done, but I've looked at plenty of concepts and taken notes, so I can safely say I've put my best effort into this.

As you see, I'm already trying to push the envelope on what a football uniform can look like, using stripes on the front and back of the jersey, a design common with soccer or Aussie rules, but not seen in gridiron since the '40s(?) I think as long as the numbers are clearly visible, there's nothing wrong with a multi-colored football jersey.

I then bring back their wordmark as the helmet logo, and I design a new primary based on their current one, but made to match the wordmark better. You will also see blue pants that would go with either jersey, preferably with red socks.

C&C appreciated. I might do more teams later.


I'm now making this a series. I plan to do the whole NFL, one division at a time, starting with NFC East.  I will be ignoring the league's one-helmet rule, which means some teams will have a home and road helmets, while others will have ones to go with their third uniforms.

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I think the large front stripes would be a lot more effective if sublimated them. Make them the same colour as the uniform but a little lighter so they don't take away from the numbers, nameplate and logos. Besides that, this is particularly impressive for a first concept. Everything is polished and executed well.

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Please no Soccer crap in the NFL

Please it's just a concept. Not like the NFL will use it anyway.

Maybe consider adding actual criticism.

I personally love the creativity you have going here. You definitely thought out of the box on this one. I think if you sublimated the stripes like they suggested, your concept would be spot on. Well done for a first time by the way.

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1. The vertical striping on the front works really well. It's good that you used gray on the white jersey rather than trying to force red or blue.

2. The NY and GIANTS logos don't really go together - they clash. It's hard to merge eras. I'd pick one or the other - probably the nY.

3. Lose the swoosh from the front. It'll look more like a legit NFL concept.

4. Not sure if the NY on the pants is necessary, but it does fill that gap nicely. Is that gap necessary? Not sure why a traditional stripe wouldn't work. I think a NY on the helmet, jersey, and pants is a little much.

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I like the stripes on the jerseys. I'd like to see that thin-thick-thin pattern carry over to the rest of the uniform, from the pant striping to the helmet striping. (A front view of the helmet would work wonders to show what the striping actually would look like.)

The Ny logo works wonderfully with the GIANTS wordmark. I'd be curious to see a custom numeral font to go with those two things.

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I decided to make this a series.





I really like the simplified Eagle logo they used in the late '60s, so I based my concept around that. The helmets are inspired by their first uniforms, which they inherited from the Frankford Yellowjackets who played in Philly before them. This would also be a good time to mention that for this series, I will be ignoring the league's one-helmet rule. Some teams, like Philly, may have home and road helms, while others will have headgear to go with their alternate uniforms.

C&C, please and thank you. Washington is next.

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I considered renaming them, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I always thought Warriors or Potomacs would make a better name for these guys, but that's another conversation...

The biggest problem with the Red Guys' current uniforms is that every part of the uniform, the helmet, jersey, pants, even the socks, are mismatched against every other part. They should choose a pattern and stay with that. I went with the double stripe seen on the jerseys since it goes best with their spear logo.

C&C appreciated. Cowboys is next.

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The Cowboys would look perfect with just a few minor tweaks that for some reason they refuse to do. For the whites, I made the colors match, choosing navy blue and greenish silver as their colorway. Their current home uniform isn't nearly as bad. The pants match the helmet, and the jerseys match the blue on their logo. Trouble is, it's so drastically different from the white jersey they almost look like they're from two different teams! I fixed this by using the striping pattern from the white, and using the number font from the blue, trying to bring some order into the Cowboys' identity.

So the NFC East is done. Only seven more divisions to go. I'll start on the NFC South next, starting with the Panthers.

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I just changed a few things here, or at least I meant to at first. The biggest thing I don't like about the Panthers' current uniform are those weird, curvy stripes on the helmet. They look odd, and they don't gel with anything else on the uniform. I went with a black/blue/black pattern, similar to the stripes on the pants. The jerseys have a new number font, and the numbers are now blue. The black helmet and pants, though they were meant for the blue jersey, could be worn with the black or white shirts as well.

C&C appreciated. Falcons are next.

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Like many others, the new Buccaneers' uniforms had me itching my head. Later I figured, however, that this jersey style would look great on the Falcons. So I tried it out. I think it turned out pretty good. I bring back the red helmet, keeping the black one to wear on road games. The black pants are meant for the road uniform, but they can be used with the red and black jerseys as well.

C&C, please and thank you. Buccaneers are next.

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