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OrdinarieO© - DT Concepts / Minimalistic NHL Color Rush Jersey Debut


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After the horrendous NFL 'Color Rush' jerseys, my friend TheArtfulJB, creator of the OrdinarieO© hat series, decided to create a Color Rush version of his hats, found on his Tumblr and Instagram pages, and with his permission, I was able to create some Color Rush NHL Jerseys, based on his logos and designs! They're still a work in progress, so keep that in mind, but whenever I finish a design or two, I will post them here!

OrdinarieO© on Tumblr / Instagram

DT Concepts on Tumblr / Instagram







More coming soon!

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Also is a San Jose-LA and Montreal-Toronto matchup a possibility

San Jose vs Los Angeles is happening, and Montreal vs Toronto will most likely happen.

I'd say Dallas looks like pajamas. Maybe silver Star instead of it blending in.

I tried to make Dallas as green as possible because I really liked the idea of a green vs. red matchup, but it doesn't look particularly well. I'll update it when I post the next set.

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