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NCAA Color Rush


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Watching the Color Rush games so far this year has hurt my eyes a little bit, but then I had an idea: "What if college teams were doing it?" I think the Color Rush idea is cool, but with the one-helmet rule in the NFL, kind of defeats the idea of "one color head to toe".

College has no such rule so here's my rules for this:

  • One color head to toe.
  • NO WHITE. Unless you're Alabama and you have 2 colors. Or just have 2 colors
  • No entirely new designs. Might add a stripe to pants or helmet, but nothing new.
  • All teams will be on the Mach Speed template. I don't have good working Adidas/UA templates yet.

Here's Ohio State:


Ohio State in all red looked really bad. Like really bad. So they are back in black. I think this is the only team that has white because of the buckeye stickers.

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looks pretty good for what you're trying to do Its not as crazy to see with college as it is in the NFL since we're already mostly acclimated with crazy college uni gimmicks, so it wouldn't be terrible to see this in real life. Nice job

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Are you doing all the big conferences and is the mountain West one of them. Nevada and Hawaii would be interesting.

I'm basically doing whatever team pops into my head. I wouldn't be opposed to doing Nevada or Hawai'i.

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i understand that one of your rules was no white but as an auburn fan, with a team like that i think you need some white to really make the uniform work.

The whole point of this is COLOR rush. Capturing all the ugliness of the NFL Color Rush, but adding some with the removal of white.

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