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NCAA Color Rush


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On 11/21/2015 at 1:07 PM, bkknight95 said:

Watching the Color Rush games so far this year has hurt my eyes a little bit, but then I had an idea: "What if college teams were doing it?" I think the Color Rush idea is cool, but with the one-helmet rule in the NFL, kind of defeats the idea of "one color head to toe".

College has no such rule so here's my rules for this:

  • One color head to toe.
  • NO WHITE. Unless you're Alabama and you have 2 colors. Or just have 2 colors
  • No entirely new designs. Might add a stripe to pants or helmet, but nothing new.
  • All teams will be on the Mach Speed template. I don't have good working Adidas/UA templates yet.

Here's Ohio State:


Ohio State in all red looked really bad. Like really bad. So they are back in black. I think this is the only team that has white because of the buckeye stickers.

These are ????? GO BUCKS ?️‼️❗️?️!!


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18 hours ago, Skinny39 said:

I'd love to see your take on an all purple LSU. Those helmets would be a pain! 



After a short little break away from doing these, it's nice to be back. LSU in all purple is a little weird to see, but in all honesty, I wouldn't mind it if they brought more purple into the mix. I cheated a little bit on these. Normally I take all traces of white away, however trying to remove it from the tiger looked wrong, so at the end of it all, I left the white in the tiger logo. 


C&C is always welcome!


I do want to say that I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing these concepts. I do have a couple of new projects I'd like to see get off the ground a little bit, so i might be bringing this thread to an end soon. 

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