Inaccurate colors/uniforms in video games that should know better

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16 hours ago, bwburke94 said:

Even assuming they aren't style-guide restricted, this makes a tiny bit of sense for two reasons:

  1. The modern Rays use this cap when throwing back to 1998.
  2. The legitimate cap is also selectable in-game.

Correct, this is on purpose.


Since the game has both the 1998 and 1999 uniforms, the "correct" 1998 uniforms are there as 1999. So instead of having the same uniform twice (as the 98 and 99 uniforms are identical) it gives players two options, the correct one and the never used original concept (which is based off of the unveiling pic that is shown in the prior post). The 98 selection also uses purple undershirts and socks to be different from the 99 (and more accurate) black undershirts and socks.

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On 3/17/2017 at 11:01 PM, mcj882000 said:

The Colorado Avalanche came into existence before the 1995-96 NHL season, but...  because the team unveiled their identity late... EA Sports released NHL 96 still featuring the Quebec Nordiques instead of the Avalanche

I quote this because I've found another case of this happening: the PlayStation 2 version of NBA 2K9 still features the Seattle SuperSonics, 2 months after their messy & controversial move to Oklahoma City. 
(Just take that in... :P)
Of course, having said that... 
As far as I can tell this is the only place where the PS2 version acknowledges the move: as a URL on a fake decorative web browser in the game's Association mode. I wonder why they even bothered at that point, to be honest.

The 360 & PS3 versions, however, do accurately feature the Thunder, since those builds of the game were finalised almost a month after the PS2 port was - July 14 for the PS2 version, compared to August 8 for the 360/PS3 one; also the ability to patch logos, unis, etc. onto those consoles after release compared to the PS2's online capabilities, such as they were. :P

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On that note, the Steam version of 2K9 also included the Thunder, despite being primarily based on the PS2 version. (Steam, of course, is also patchable.)

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