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Six weeks have gone since the beginning of the Logolympiad 2015. You decided to participate even beyond what I expected this year. Over ten events, you have submitted a total of 234 entries! Seventeen members won at least a medal this year!

Before I start handing out the usual competition prizes, I want to thank everyone who decided to enter at least an event, and also a big thank you to everyone who spent time voting on the entries - that's 160 different members, 17 of which voted for all events.

Four members have succeeded this year in entering all events, which is no small feat for anyone. These members can (and should) now sport a very unique badge, joining nas1787 from Logolympiad 2014, to show that they entered in all events. So officeglenn, OmegaRed, panthers_2012, and Whittier S, congratulations to you!

AllEvents_officeglenn.png . AllEvents_OmegaRed.png . AllEvents_panthers_2012.png . AllEvents_WhittierS.png
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Onto the hardware now!


With a gold, a silver, and a bronze in this year’s Logolympiad, friendang finishes 3rd overall in the medals standings!


With a gold and two silver medals, and on the podium for the second consecutive year (after finishing first last year), it’s now a very honorable 2nd place for derschwigg!


And with a bronze medal and an astounding total of five gold medals, leaving almost no suspense, this year’s winner is OmegaRed!

Congratulations to all three for the podium of the Medals Standings!

And new this year, we also have the Points Standings!

In third position overall, with 104 points, derschwigg!

In second position overall, with 123 points, officeglenn!

And the winner, taking every possible hardware home today, with 156 points, OmegaRed!

Points_3rd_derschwigg.png . Points_2nd_officeglenn.png . Points_1st_OmegaRed.png

Once again, thanks for everyone who participated and/or voted! You make this event what it currently is!

And with this, Logolympiad 2015 is now… CLOSED!

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Wow what a great competition filled with so many awesome entries! I'd like to thank everyone who voted allowing me to clinch the title this year.

Shout out to Pollux who did such a remarkable job curating this entire competition. Equally as impressive was the patience that Pollux displays answering questions in the threads! It's no easy feat to run something like this by yourself so kudos to you.

Congratulations to derschwigg and friendang for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively... and to officeglenn for his 2nd place finish in the points standings. An overall congratulations goes out to everyone who participated this year.

I'll be back for the next Logolympiad to defend the crown and I'll be ready to kick it into a higher gear as well!


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Your bronze looks out of place. :)

Haha. That was my first medal and I was actually really lucky to even get that one. I completely blanked on the fact that the era for the time warp was 1967. Mine looked more like it was from the 1920s lol. But it got enough votes for a bronze.

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Wow, the last thing I expected was any sort of award. I didn't set out to complete all ten events at first; it wasn't until about Event 4 that I decided I'd try to go for it. I'm in graduate school, which you would think would make it too hard to participate in all ten events, but it turned out to be a welcome respite from the rigors of study and teaching. I learnt a lot in the process.

Congratulations to the winners, especially to OmegaRed and their phenomenal record this year.

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Big props to all he winners. I joined these boards in March and the Logolympiad was one of my favorite competitions to participate in (by voting). Big shout out to Pollux for organizing this competition and maki it awesome! Who knows, maybe by next year I'll actually have an entry!

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