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I really enjoyed the Logolympiad, it was so much fun to create logos of so many different types and uses. Now I've decided to post all my entries in this thread to receive some C/C. I've learnt a lot from all the amazing entries of the contest, especially if you think that my first entry was my first logo ever.

Event 1

For the first LOGOLYMPIAD event this year, you must create an alternate logo for an active team from the National Basketball Association. The logo should be strong enough so that it could replace the current primary logo for the team.

  • Use colors that are already part of the teams current color scheme. You can check colors on the Colorwerx website or on theTeamColors website. Do NOT add any more colors.
  • Include the current primary logo in your submission as a reference. The primary logo should not take more than 150px by 150px on the template, as it is not the focus of the work here.

I've decided to go with Las Angeles Clippers and with what the Clippers name says to me: sailing ships! the big C is similar to the current one but the LA logo should be seen as the sail of the the black ship. A thing I personally don't really like of this logo is that is not related to basketball, but as you know not all the sports logos have inside something referring to the sport they are representing, so I've decided not to add a basketball somewhere just not to overload the logo.


I will continue with all the other entries...

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The idea of using "LA" as sails on the ship was clver, but there was just way too much going on. You needed to just focus on one ship, rather than having two in there. The two ships both muddies things up but also creates a huge swath of white space. The big C only accentuated that white space, though, by boxing it in. In this case, less would definitely have been more.

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Event 2

Once again, were going back in time! For this event, you have to create a vintage look for NHL teams that have joined the league after 1990 as if they had joined the league as part of the biggest NHL expansion of 1967.

The teams you can work with are: San Jose Sharks (1991), Ottawa Senators (1992), Tampa Bay Lightning (1992), Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1993), Florida Panthers (1993), Nashville Predators (1998), Atlanta Thrashers (1999), Minnesota Wild (2000), and Columbus Blue Jackets (2000).

  • The city and the team name must remain the same.
  • You can keep the same colors or go a completely different way.
  • You need to provide one colored uniform set (not white), consisting of a jersey and socks. Do NOT provide any equipment.
  • You also need to provide a new primary logo with the uniform.
  • Your primary logo should look like a logo designed in 1967.

I've decided to work on Florida Panthers because I thought that their name and color scheme could work very well back in 1967. They are simple yet effective and for the purpose I changed the gold of the color scheme to a bold orange and gray to a more lighter one. The uniform is quite classic, not much to say about that. The logo was actually my main concern as those years were so unique when we speak about logos. My panther stylized logo was ment to go on well with, for example, the logos of those years from WHA teams. I had an hard time while coloring the jersey (you see it, aye?) because of inkscape that decided to keep on crushing (that is why I skipped event 3).


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I think you would have been better served keeping the gold instead of switching to orange. It would have had more contrast with the reddish-pink colour that you used as the base for the jerseys. The hockey sticks behind the triangle don't do a lot for me, either; the blades are too long and at such mismatching angles that it's hard to even suspend disbelief a little bit and mentally accept them as hockey sticks. You might have been better off without them. Not sure what's going with that one sock, either, with the extra bit of blue above the knee.

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Event 4

For this event, you have to come up with a new logo for one of the Monuments.

  • You can use either the local name (Milano-Sanremo, Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, or Giro di Lombardia) OR one of the nicknames of the classic to identify it. It must be included within the logo.
  • You can pick any color you want.
  • Since the Monuments are well known, it is not necessary to include anything directly related to cycling, but you can include elements that are synonymous with the particularities of each classic.

I chose to redesign the Milano-Sanremo logo as I still have beautiful images of my and my grandfather watching together the race. The main focus of the race is on the difference between the first part, all plains, an the second one, with the mountains and the riviera long and difficult steep slopes. The logo was thought as an altimetric graph that sometimes are on sport newspapers when speaking about a cycling race. The colors I chose are the same of the old logo as green and blue are the colors of plains, mountains and, of course, of the sea that could be seen during the race.


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The profile of the mountains is sharp. The color scheme is mostly working. The thin linework on that cyclist, combined with the light color, make it almost disappear. And overall, I see four elements--the mountains, the cyclist, and two separate wordmarks--that are just kind of sitting near each other with no relationship to each other. There's nothing connecting or unifying the elements. I'd play around with overlapping elements, as well as colorations and line width, to create a more harmonious composition.

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Event 5

A new soccer league is born out of Scandinavia! One owner has reached out to you to create a complete kit for the team. For this event, you must provide a primary crest along with two kits: a main kit and a clash kit.

  • You can select the name of the city and the name of the football club. The city and the name of the football club must both appear on the soccer crest.
  • A kit consists of a jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Use a template showing the jersey as if it was laying flat on a surface. Do NOT submit your entry on a 3D template, as it will be disqualified.
  • The selected uniform template must display both the front and the back of the jersey.

I chose to locate my team in Flam, Norway. this little village is well known for being on the famous Sognefjord and for its amazing railway. This railway is called the Flamsbana and it goes for km in minutes going up of meters. The journey is astonishing as the railway passes so close to many waterfalls and steep slopes of the fjord valley. I first thought of naming the team Flam Railroaders but then I decided for the more soccerish Flam Football Club. The first kit is of the same color of the train, also with the two yellow pipings. The clash kit should represent the norwegian winter. The two main sponsors are the Flamsbana railway and the Norwegian tourist bureau.


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The palette (I see you used the controversial Italian flag colors that were briefly used a few years back) and the general direction of the concept are working, and this concept definitely has potential. There are a number of little things that are not, though:

*The train in the crest looks a bit too detailed. Remember this would be stitched in real life, and thread is only so thin.

*The high detail of the train clashes with the basic, geometric look of the soccer ball.

*The two different fonts within the crest are clashing.

*The placement of the stripe on the primary looks really low, but this seems to be influenced by the template you're using.

*The number font isn't working. It looks more like a print font than a graphic font.

*The name font definitely isn't working. It's all much too big. Consider that what you have would really only work with names of four letters or less.

*It might be a thing where some teams have different sponsors on the primary and the clash, but I've never heard of it.

Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

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Event 6

For this event, you have to design a patch commemorating an event (sporting or non-sporting) that really happened in 2005, 1995, 1990, 1965, 1940, or 1915 (10, 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100 years ago).

  • Include the years in the design.
  • You may use and incorporate existing images or logos, but the overall design must be your own.

As I am a big astronomy fan I've decided to go with a celebrating patch for 25 years of service of the Hubble telescope.

As the telescope was created by NASA with the help of the European Space Agency (ESA) their logos are in the patch.

Blue and orange should represent the sky and the brightness of stars. The stylized telescope is taken from the official commemorating patch. I know that the lettering looks not symmetric, but it was thought to be like that (also if afterwards I thought that would be better symmetric).


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You have all kinds of problems. The upper text isn't centered, and is jammed against the blue oval. You should have used a larger oval with an invisible line as the path for that text. The lower text is really off center, as well. The spirals coming off the satellite are off center relative to the blue oval.

Are you just wanting to post these with no plan to revise?

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