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SEC Football Redesign


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Hello everybody, I love redesigning teams and creating concept and I thought how about the SEC football uniforms. I tried a crossover previously but it was a bust. I am giving it another shot though so without further ado: the uniforms.


Alabama: Gray alternate because I felt gray pride uniform would fit right into the Alabama look. Home and away stay as classic sharp uniforms.

Arkansas: Grays because they share a division with LSU (who wears white at home and colors on the road) Arkansas won't have to where colors at LSU or when LSU visits, they can plop on a gray versus an LSU colored uniform. I am not always a fan of blackout but in this case, I think the helmet logo with the red and black looks fantastic.

Constructive criticism welcomed

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Actually LSU typically wears the same uniform home and away since most teams wear a colored home Uni they typically wear their white home Uni on the road as well

Oh, well I am going to redesign LSU with colored away uniforms. (Also I wanted a reason to do GFGS)

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Don't start a thread unless you have concepts to actually post.

He did... What are you talking about?


For both- I don't like the last helmets. They seem sloppily done and I just don't like the look of them.

Alabama- maybe only 1 helmet? or one maroon and one white? No to the letter striping.

Arky- The first helmet does not work with the white hog. Otherwise, I love it.

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Wow, there's just, alot going on here. "Keep it simple stupid" is the phrase I'm going to use here. Not calling you dumb, but in general just simplify. Both teams already have 3 helmets, and both already now have black and grey uniforms. In trying to makes these two teams more unique you've muddled them to the point of confusion. However, I do like some of the changes made to Arkansas, lots of potential there

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