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Falcons Uniform Concept (Home Update 12-2-15)


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no its pink on all of my presets

No, it's not: it is amaranth red (between red an magenta), which is far flung from being pink.

Yeah, I pulled the colors straight from the Falcons.

I'll give a black helmet a go (I was a little worried about looking too much like UGA), and probably a red and white jersey up soon.

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I'd go with a truer scarlet (1/4 of the way between red and orange on standard color wheel - or 1/8 between red and yellow).. The brightness of the slight orange hue would really help the red stand out on the black, as well as giving a more fierce, swift, and aggressive feel..

Also, it needs white or silver numbers with red outline instead of red numbers with silver outline.. Visibility issue with color-on-color

But, with all that said, I REALLY like this look for the Falcons.. Their current look is distinct, but it's kinda abstract, and most people would probably struggle to describe or draw the details of their current design.. Your version would almost slide seamlessly into rotation with little notice from the casual fan (apart from the helmet), and would be universally well received by uniform nerds. Great job!

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As a Falcons fan, I appreciate the concept. Not a fan of the should stripes that come across the chest, but the black jersey is welcomed.

I think the red chest stripes "stick out" more when they have equal color value to the numbers.. White or silver numbers would contrast against the jersey much more starkly, allowing the red chest stripes to bleed into the black of the jersey slightly more, reducing any jarring effect the stripes have currently.. Personally, I love the stripes and think they should be seen and appreciated, but I can see where a traditionalist might not like them, and using the lighter numbers would fix number visibility issues along with visually tying the chest stripes into the jersey design better.. (for the record, my vote is for white numbers with silver outline then red outline, or if you only want two colors, silver with red outline

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So I gave it a try with black helmets, and with a modified red. For the record, I had taken the red straight from the Falcons, but I modified it a bit because I wasn't in love with the color to begin with. I also made a white jersey paired with new black pants, and a red alternate paired with the silver britches, but could be paired with black. In addition to the normal set, I made a Color Rush uniform, which is a bit of a departure from the basic set.





I'll explain myself a bit- I kept red numbers on the black jersey. I wasn't a fan of how silver numbers looked, and I tried to keep white out of the concept. The black helmet is a lateral move in my opinion, I don't like or dislike it more than the red.

As for the Color Rush set, I went with solid black with only red highlights from head to toe, which I think helps capture the "Color Rush" motif better. The plan was to have "ATLANTA" on one side of both the sleeve and the pants, but I didn't want to show two views of each, so pretend Atlanta is on the flipside of that. I didn't like how the falcon looked in just red and black, and didn't want it to look too out of place, so I went with a number instead, which I really like. Enjoy, and please send more critique. I feel I fixed the outstanding issues.

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Might look good on paper, and you may disagree, but red numbers on black jersey is a HUGE mistake if these were to ever hit the field.. The primary, not the color rush.. I can overlook a bad design element for a one-off, but those numbers take a potential 9+/10 set down to Cleveland Browns 2.0

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