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Reno rink project idea

Zac Seidemann

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You wanna try to cram all that up near Legends? Seems like you've got the right area in terms of growth, but that seems like an awful small plot of land to put all of that.

Also, I know the Sparks area has absolutely blown up in the past five to ten years, but I still think it's not enough to shift the entertainment center of that area to the east. They'd probably end up being better off building closer to downtown.

What's this for anyway? A school project or something? Reno is pretty much my home area and it's really been something to see how much it's grown in the past few years.

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Its for a group I started: https://www.facebook.com/Reno-Rink-Project-390186241186408/?ref=bookmarks

It’s the idea behind the group. It’s just an idea I had, and like I said in the beginning it changes all the time. New information came to my attention before I even finished writing this out. So it has changed, and my focus is now more on Reno then ever. I will be posting it when I finish writing it out.

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Carson City is one of those areas where it's a risky endeavor to even open a new Chinese buffet. There's absolutely no way in hell they're going to support a semi pro hockey team. You seem to recognize that, though.

This whole proposition seems pretty far fetched and out there to me. Reno is building up a nice little population and some day may be big enough to support all that. But right now, it still pales in comparison to even cities that are considered too small for pro sports teams like Albuquerque, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Reno is lucky they can even support the Aces and Bighorns this early on in their development.

But as someone who's absolutely convinced that Sacramento is going to some day land a Major League Baseball team, I say keep the dream alive, man. I'd love to see it happen!

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