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Matchup Fixup - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Columbus Blue Jackets


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So for those of you who read HJC you'll know that I (Bpoe, Thursday writer) have begun doing a new "segment" involving listing my top 5 best matchups from the past week plus one worst. I then challenge the readers to redesign and fix that worst matchup. Well I took my own challenge and redesigned the Pens and Jackets. I realized how similar the striping was after someone pointed it out on twitter so a quick explanation:


The 3 stripes is for the 3 rivers (or 3 cups if you have a NYI state of mind) and the design of course takes inspiration from the current alternate.


The striping pattern comes directly from the Ohio flag and the extra blue is added to differentiate them from the other R/W/B teams in the NHL while making sure that color addition didn't seem like I was doing it just to do it (a black for blacks sake of sorts).

C&C appreciated!



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I'm not a fan of either set.

The issue with the Jackets is the arm stripes not going well with sleeve striping..... and the colours not being fused enough besides the logo. The logo was a clever change though.

The Pens one is very close, but the combo you've done with jersey history doesn't flow well.

You've got a great idea here, but both sets feel off. Go back to the drawing board.

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