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Resurgence: An Atlanta United FC Supporters' Group


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Hey everyone,

As you probably know, Atlanta is getting its own MLS team in spring 2017! Atlanta United FC. We're all excited about them kicking off in a little over a year from now.

A new supporters group has started up, Resurgence. I was happy to create the group's logo. I've been sitting on this one for a while but it became official at the group's event for the MLS Cup Final tonight.

The logo package consists of everything from primary logos to secondary and partial logos. The standalone phoenix is available in various single color applications.

Design-wise, really just wanted something meaningful and representative of Atlanta. Surprisingly, neither the club nor other supporters groups have jumped on this theme yet (the phoenix is on the city flag). We also took visual cues from the club with the striping and the "A" in the negative space of the phoenix.

There's no going back on anything since it's been unveiled but this went through many, many revisions over the course of several weeks. Let me know your thoughts!

PS- if interested, the site is under construction, but is available HERE. You can find Resurgence on FB and Twitter, too, @ResurgenceATL.





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Nice design. Bonus points for not including "ultras", "casuals", "hooligans", or "firm" anywhere in the name.

That's two ATL supporters groups that have had logos designed by people on these boards.

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It's all around very well-done, but that one colour standalone phoenix is the cream of the crop. The application opportunities for that will be endless no doubt.

This. I would've nixed the red touches on the primary's wing in favor of a singular color.
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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We have gotten great comments on it, including some from those less soccer-knowledgable who ask if it is the team logo!

We are very excited about the one color application and have that available in black, red, and gold. We imagined that could be awesome for simple tifo designs. That was also a large driving factor in the logo- we wanted it to be easy and simple, not too complicated.

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How are you guys different from the existing supporters' groups?

Just another option. Similar to how LA has the Angel City Brigade, Riot Squad, Galaxians...Sounders have the Emerald City Supporters, Gorilla FC, etc. I think having multiple supporters group is great for the growth of soccer here in the States.

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An update!

So we are going forth with the following scarf design. We wanted it to be fairly classic and focus primarily on black and gold, but we did add some red pinstripes. Question, though...any of y'all able to help me covert the RGB red color to Pantone? If so, that would be fantastic. We are trying to work with the manufacturer to ensure a good color match. As far as the gold, we will likely be using a metallic gold thread so that it doesn't read as tan or brown.


The red and gold are exact matches from the official club logo, if that helps...which is available here in SVG format.



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I like it. Very autocratic-looking but it's certainly intimidating. Can't wait for the Orlando-Atlanta derby (if that's even going to be a thing) to start.

totally. Makes me think like "new world order" or some sort of military dictatorship or something, which is definitely a plus.

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