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Indiana Pacers logo design-Logolympiad logo


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This was a concept I designed for the 1st event of the recent Logolympiad. A pacer is also known as a harness horse, which is a big thing still in Indiana in harness racing. I designed it to blend the history of the state into the current look of the "P" logo, with similar motion lines and such. I may end up revisiting this and making changes, but this is something I am just posting for fun:


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The work itself is very well rendered, and in a vacuum, I would say it's perfect. But I had a couple of issues that kept me from voting for it. First, as a native Hoosier--albeit from the city--I never made an association between harness-racing and Pacers, or Indiana, for that matter. In fact, the only harness-racer I've ever known was from Illinois. So I didn't vote for it in part because I didn't see the connection--not that there isn't one, it just didn't fit my experience. Part of the challenge with Logolympiad is that we can't write up our thought process during the competition. But a bigger reason I didn't vote for the logo is that the flow felt more like a football logo than a basketball logo, I guess because the long horizontal orientation would look great on a helmet. I would experiment with cropping that back and working the Pacers striping into the mane.

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