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Hey all, I go to Illinois State. Our logo is pretty awful, and Reggie the Redbird needs an upgrade. As I was watching us take the L to Richmond last night, I thought about how I could update him. I sketched up a little and put my work on my laptop using paint.NET. I would like some C&C because I feel there's more I can do with this, but I'm not sure what yet.





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Beak seems off, and yea I agree, it could use some feather definition/edges on the main park of the head. You have some nice variation in shading in the original drawing that hasn't quite translated to the logo yet. I see three shades around the head and beak whereas on the cpu version I only see two. Also I think you could use some variation in thickness in the outline to make it pop/look more modern.

Good start though, looking forward to seeing this evolve. :)

oh also, the eye seems sharper on the drawing, and more rounded on the top for the cpu one. and just in general the edges are round when I think they should be sharp.

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I think you are getting there. The eye will need to be changed. Currently it is too reptile like. The pupil should be round. To make it look "mean," just place the round pupil closer to the front of the eye. The beak will also need some adjusting. You might be able to pull some inspiration from the Louisville Cardinals for the beak. Or even if you basically mimicked the style of smirk on the original logo, you will be good. You can then maybe add some detail to give it some dimension. For example under the beak is a little empty. Great start.

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