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NFL Color Rush - (3/32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 27 Dec.


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Yes, I am throwing my hat into the ring with some "Color Rush" jerseys of myself. Since St. Louis and Tampa Bay have wrapped up the reveals for 2015, the first of my concepts will be modifying the actual uniforms to fit the "rules" of my series.

First and foremost, and I'm sure most of you can agree with me here, I do not like monochrome. Especially from head neck to toe. That being said, I am going to follow a set of guidelines, or "rules," if you will, that cater to generating aesthetically pleasing uniforms full of color.


1. No white in the uniforms - Yes, I am going to attempt this series completely void of white, with the exceptions of logos and when working with teams that only use one color and white (i.e. Indianapolis and New York Jets).

2. Color from head to toe - This does include the helmet (See Rule #1). This is a concept series, and, therefore, I do not care about the NFL's "one helmet rule."

3. Colors available for use are colors that the team has worn in the past or present - there will be no new colors generated

4. No modifications to existing logos other than color (i.e. St. Louis Rams, as seen in the first concept) - All 32 teams will be using their current logos.

-and most importantly-


Well, alright, let's get this thing going.


I saw a Rams concept on these very boards not too long ago that I really liked. I apologize for not remembering who did it, but I remember commenting on it, so, to whoever it is: credit to you, sir for the inspiration.

Honestly, I've had this idea floating around for awhile. Initially I wanted to see how the uniform would look with the horns on the sleeves but my fear of Nike's awkward templates and cuts cutting off the horns led me to change my mind. The idea of the uniform is primarily based upon the Los Angeles Rams' uniforms from the 50's and later for the NFL's 75th anniversary in 1994. I utilized the bold single pant stripe from the L.A.'s 1964-72 blue and white uniforms. The numerals are based off of the current St. Louis Rams' numbers; they're modern yet not over-the-top like some number fonts in the NFL. The helmet is basically what the Rams have worn in both L.A. and during their "Greatest Show on Turf" times in St. Louis. The only exception is the shade of blue, which I have changed to match the royal blue used in the logo and on the pants.



Thanks for viewing. Tell me what ya think!

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Yes, yes, I understand that there are many traditionalists who feel that the majority teams look better with white pants. I for one usually go against the grain and ignore tradition, sticking to what is aesthetically pleasing to me. And the NFL's "Color Rush" debacle gives me an excuse to create a thread in which I experiment with the absence of white.

BFSB you say? I say WFST (White For the Sake of Tradition)! And it ends here! :lol:

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Thanks for those that have commented so far. I'd love to hear more!


Carolina doesn't have much history to draw from but what they do have is a nice looking identity. My goal here was to tweak a few things that I feel would make the Panthers identity even better. The biggest change is the helmet, which, is simply for this Color Rush concept series. I do like oversized logos on helmets (yes, that includes the Buccaneers). I feel as though an oversized Panthers' logo fits a black helmet shell due to the lack of keyline; it just fits. The shoulder stripes are essentially the same, the only change made is that I've made the stripe stop at the sleeve instead up tapering around the armpit (see pics below) which looks awkward. The font is modernized as I feel the simple block numerals that the Panthers currently use do not completely fit the modern template and logos. One of my rules is "No White," so, technically I could have used silver - and I did as an accent - but I felt that the Panthers' silver is too close to white and I wanted to utilize more black in the concept because, well, panthers are black.



Thanks for viewing! Comments are very much appreciated!

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Bumping this today to say that I do have a concept coming in the very near future. Holidays took much of my time but I'm finally getting some free time to do some work.

I'm going to finish up those teams that did have Color Rush uniforms and then move on to the rest of the NFL.

Here are this teams on the docket:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets

Buffalo Bills

Stay tuned! Any additional comments on the Rams and/or Panthers are welcome!

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This next concept is actually a slightly updated idea I had for the Bucs from awhile ago. Turns out, it almost fit all of my rules I set in place for my Color Rush series, so I ran with it. I didn’t draw from any history for the Buccaneers set, and for reason: I like the current Bucs’ uniforms. Yes, I’m serious. They’re modern and sleek and they work… to an extent. That being said, there are things I don’t like about them. Obviously, the number font and the mismatched shoulder patches. I was also never a huge fan of mixing the pewter, red, and orange. My opinion: either go red and orange or red and pewter, not all three. So, I took a page from the book that was the Buccaneers’ “Color Rush” uniforms – no orange. The number font is updated so that the players no longer look like running alarm clocks and silver was generously used as an accent color, practically in place of the orange, which, I feel compliments the red and the darkened pewter that the Bucs have chosen to go with. The pant stripe is supposed to be reminiscent of a sword and sheath, but without being too Nike-y, I’ll just say that it looks cool and is an improvement of the Bucs’ current “stripe.” As previously mentioned, the mismatched shoulder logos just do not work, especially since once is technically a wordmark. The pirate ship is a beautiful logo and is now prominently displayed on both shoulders and the “Bucs” wordmark is displayed right above the front numbers. This concept was a bit difficult to achieve with my rule of "no white," but I did eventually succeed.

Thanks for viewing!



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Very nice. Not a fan of the current uniforms but these are amazing. Only thing I would change is flipping the sleeve logos so that the ship is sailing forward on both sleeves. I'm a fan of the creamsicle but agree that it would feel out of place in this concept. Overall, great work

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