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Alternative Football Universe: Iberaliga (13/20: Real Club Nacional de Football)


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FC Hansa Lübeck


Established in 1899, FC Hansa Lübeck is one of the oldest team in Germany.The Hansa name derives from the famous Hanseatic League of which Lubeck it was the capital. Throughout its history has always been a team indecipherable, able in 1985 to win an increibile championship remaining unbeaten throughout the course of the season. Since then the team has always pulled out of the hat a few more incredibile result, like in 1999 when as a newly promoted managed to hit an incredible second place.




The crest has undergone few changes throughout its history, the main symbol of the club is the "Hanskogge", a medieval boat tied to the famous Hanseatic League. The most significant change occurred recently, when it was decided to add the whole name of the team.






Blue is the main color of the team, always the Hanseatic wearing a blue vest reminiscent of the sea. The uniform had no change since its founding. Blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Nike is the technical sponsor for several years regarding the main sponsor, Maersk, a Danish naval company, stands on the blue shirt, from the 80's.




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Eintracht Stuttgart


Eintracht is one of the most famous and oldest team in Germany. Founded in 1896 by some students of the University of Stuttgart, is one of the most successful clubs, winning 4 championship in the space of 20 years, from the first title in 1983 at the last dated 2003. It has a very positive record, having classified above the seventh place and always managed, since 1990, to qualify for an European competition. For this reason, the team, has a certain notoriety outside of Germany. Eintracht is also famous for its youth academy, from which came out great champions throughout history.




The crest, that is inspired by the Porsche,is divided into 4 equally parts inside which there are, respectively, the colors of Baden-Wurttemberg, colors of the club and the foundation year, above them there is the Prancing Horse symbol of the city.






Sky-Blue accompanies the Swabian club since its creation. Always Eintracht wearing a completly skyblue uniform, with only a parenthesis in the sixties when shorts and socks was white. Their uniforms are among the best known and appreciated in Germany and in Europe too. After separation from Nike occurred last year, Puma has become the technical sponsor surpassing the competition. Daimler however never left the club since 1984.




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Love Eintracht Stuttgart, the crest is perfect and the kits are very well done

Thank you so much!

Love Stuttgart. The color scheme is fantastic, but I'd like to see some red and gold on the home kit.

I prefer to do an all skyblue kit, but it was an interesting solution, for example some details on the sleevs and in the collar can be red and gold.

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FC Viktoria Bremen
FC Viktoria Bremen is a club located in the northwest German federal state Free hanseatic City of Bremen. It was founded in 1903 as a merger of the clubs Bremen SV and Bremer-SC Germania. Viktoria is one of the most important team in Germany and very well known in Europe. It won 4 times the Deutsche Fußball Liga, the first one in 1974, after this, the second title came eight years after and they had to wait another 10 years for the third title. The last title came in 2013, when the team surprislingly outclassed their opponents with a series of 20 consecutive wins. Viktoria had some up and down in the course of its history, as the relegation in 2000, but has always been able to fight on all fronts, making it one of the most feared teams in the league.After relegation in 2000, the club took three years to climb back to the summit of German football, but since then the club made permanent presence in the circle of the strongest teams.
The crest , easy as usual, has a circular shape where inside there is a "V" which in its top there is the "03" of its foundation year. All this are anclosed in the words "FC Viktoria" at the top and "Bremen" at the bottom. The logo hasn't many changes, in fact, the first emblem ised was only the "V". The most important change came after winning the first championship in 1974, when it was decided to add the year of foundation.The team name was added only in the late 80s.
For the uniforms of Viktoria only a word, Red. In fact, they are called "die Roten Teufel" that it means Red Devils. Always the red accompanies the club, it has not changed anything from the creation, always all red. For almost a decade Kappa provides uniforms, as regards main sponsor, Basf is in partnership with Viktoria from 3 years with a very lucrative contract, at the third place in German ranking of sponsorship.
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Leipzig SV


In the city of Leipzig football arrived in the first year of the century when a group of students in 1902 founded the Leipziger Turn und SportVerein 02 , but only 20 years later when two cities team, the already mentioned Leipziger TSV 02 and FC Leipzig, merged as the Leipzig SV the football start to grow up. So, the Leipzig SV was founded in 1922 and it's one of the well known team in Germany, it win only one title in its history, in 1986, when a series of good results and a mix of good player with experience took the team to win the Deutsche Fußball Liga. The title win was the only success of the club, after which the team has fallen into disrepair, slipping in 1993 in the fourth division. Since then the club, with careful management of the company, has managed in 2002 to return to first division. Since then makes permanent presence in Deutsche Fußball Liga.




The emblem of the team was always the same since its foundation. Over the years it has had only a few small changes. The lion, symbol of the Saxon town, is the main element and is accompanied by two strips contained in the coat of arms of the city and by the inscription Leipzig.






Leipzig is famous also for its uniform and colors. In fact they wear an all black with red details uniform, for this they are called by the fans "die Schwarz Biest" namely Black Beast in english. They wear black since the foundation of the team in 1902, it has always been seen as a strange thing. Choosing to use an all-black uniform was very rare in the early twentieth century. The danish company Hummel is the technical sponsor from 2013, while DB is the main sponsor as of this year.




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FC Bayern Nürnberg


Fußball-Club Bayern Nürnberg, commonly known as FC Bayern Nürnberg or FC Bayern, was founded in 1910, when a group of dissidents of the Teutonia Nürnberg 1887 decided to split from their clubs to form a new one. FC Bayern is one of the most iconic team of Germany, despite having won only one championship in its history. The title was won in 1966, when Bayern was one of the powers of German, in fact, in the early years of the newly Deutsche Fußball Liga, Bayern was one of the teams best equipped to win the final. The club had its dark period in the second half of the 80s, when relegated to the third division. After returning to the first division in 1996, the club made permanent presence in the elite of German football, earning important places such as the two consecutive second places in 2010 and 2011. Today the club, is one of the best organized, with a good scouting system and one of the best youth academies.






The crest of Bayern is one of the most iconic. Inside of a modern shape there is the coat of arms of Nuremberg in a blue version call to the colors of the club. Above it there is the most recognizable element, the word "Bayern". The emblem had a progressive change throughout history, undergoing the biggest change at the beginning of the new millennium when the shape change from circle to a new modern solution.














Red is the color of Bayern. Over the years, the Bavarian team has used some currencies, such as the red and white striped version of the 70, or the one with the blue sleeves used in 1993. But the most classic version is completely red with some exceptions regarding the shorts that in some years they were white. If you say Bayern, say Adidas. In fact, their sponsorship contract is the longest of Germany. The main sponsor is Allianz, which appear on the shirt for several years.






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TSV Arminia Düsseldorf
The Arminia Dusseldorf was founded in 1890 by a group of local gentlemen, who wanted to give the city a team that practiced some sports especially football. "Arminia" name is a female version of Arminius or Hermann, the legendary hero of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which stopped the advance of the Romans in northern Germany. The name was chosen among several proposals, but in the end the choice fell on Turn und Sport Arminia Düsseldorf. The club, one of the oldest and well-known, except for a parenthesis in the 1972 season has participated in all editions of Deutsche Fußball Liga. But despite this has never managed to take home the title, getting only some participation in European cups. The club today, known for its youth academy which is one of the most important in Europe, traveling with tranquility in the middle of the rankings.
Arminia's crest has a round shape inside which has the full name of the team and one of the symbols of the city of Dusseldorf.
The symbol in question is the anchor, which has always been part, along with the rampant lion of the Rhineland's city. The anchor, which contains the A, was the first symbol of the club that has remained unchanged for over a century.
The uniform of Arminia, that is known throughout the world, has traveled the same evolution of the emblem, or of authentic and unchangeable tradition. Arminia's players wear the same kits since 1890, so for over 125 years, or a white shirt with horizontal stripes blue (the famous Hoops), white shorts and white socks. The uniform has not changed with the advance of the seasons than in some insignificant detail visually. Umbro take the technical sponsorization and the Dusseldorf based energy company E.on is the main sponsor.


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On 18 gennaio 2016 at 4:47 PM, jmoe12 said:

Loving Arminia, but I'd like to see some red on the crest

The choise of red for the first kit is just esthetic...Yes I know that red is the other color on the flag of Dusseldorf, but i use only blue and white.

C&C are appreciated!!

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Berliner SC
After the end of World War II, the city of Berlin was divided into two part, East and West. In the East, under the control of the Russians, the Soviet government began to develop some sports teams. Established in 1953, the Berliner Sport-Club is definitely one of the top teams in Germany, in Europe, and also in the world. It is considered one of the Big Four of Germany. The club is the most successful in Germany with 11 championships, won in the course of 50 years. Since the foundation of the Deutsche Fußball Liga early eighties the team won 7 championships. But after winning the championship in 1984, the team began the season badly with an incredible series of 12 straight losses. The season ended with relegation to the second division, marking the darkest period in the history of the club. After only one year of suffering in the lower division, the team returned to the top flight. After then the club made some effort to return to the summit, succeeding in 1993 and 1995 with the conquest of the eighth and ninth national title. After a break of 15 years, where the club was unable to lead, the title back to Berlin in 2010 and stayed there until 2012. The Berliner SC has achieved success at the European level, by winning various titles over the years. The club, because of its past, is the most hated team in the country. This however has not damaged the club, indeed, they have benefited, drawing strength from hatred of the other teams and fans. The supporters of the Berliner SC is well known, having been one of the most violent of the 80's.
The crest of Berliner SC remained unchanged over the years. On a burgundy background is the famous "B" stylized and all surrounded by a golden crown of laurels. This is one of the most famous emblems, recognized around the world.
The uniform of Berliner SC is one of the most famous in the world. The burgundy is the symbol of the club. A color chosen by the Soviet government for its strength and power. The club has never changed uniforms, using the same solution: burgundy shirt, white shorts and white socks. After a long courtship ended with the offer of a sumptuous contract, in 2005, Adidas has managed to get sponsorship of the club. It is indeed one of the most lucrative sponsorships in Europe. Same goes for the main sponsor, in fact, the contract with Etihad is one of the most important and profitable, at the first place in Germany
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1.FC Hannover
Founded in 1900, the 1.FC Hannover is definitely one of the most recognized teams of Germany. Winner of the title in 1961, the second championship played, the team has experienced many ups and downs during its long history. After relegation in 1974, the club took 20 years before returning in the Deutsche Fußball Liga. in these twenty years, the club finds several difficulties, retreating in the third division and later in the fourth. After returning to the first division in 1994, the club has always struggled for survival in the top flight. Its relegated again in 2007, returning immediately the following year. The club, however, has had European glory over the years 60's, thanks to its large number of German nationals. The team, according to statistics, is one of the most followed in sixth place as number of fans.
The crest of 1.FC Hannover has undergone many changes throughout its history. The first logo was a green flag with above depicts a "H". As time was added the rest of the words of the team, that "1.FC". Finally, in recent times, the flag was placed in a circular crest with the full name of the team and founding year. 
As the emblem also uniforms have undergone a slow evolution. The first uniform was black and green striped, instead were white shorts and socks blacks. With the title win, the shirt turned green and shorts blacks and this change remained unchanged to this day. The sposnor technical is Asics, which accompanies the club since 2010. The main sponsor is Continental, an international company with its base in the city, which appears on the shirts from the distant 1994.
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PSV Köln 09
Established in 1909, the Preußischer Sport Verein Köln 09, or commonly PSV Köln 09 is one of the most known teams in the league. Founded by a group of students, the PSV was a founding member of the Deutsche Fußball Liga and one of the first winner. After winning the title in 1964, coinciding with the golden age of the club, the team has never managed to get back to winning. PSV has been relegated to the second division for the first time in 1985, he has managed to return only in 1997. Since then the club has faced several ups and downs that earned him the nickname "die Truppen der Aufzug" or the troop of the elevator.
The emblem of the PSV has changed little over the course of its history, in fact, the facade of the famous cathedral of the city has always been present along with the founding year. In the 80 it was added the phrase PSV, where the letters are separated from the flame present in the coat of arms of the city,on a red band.
The colors of PSV are red, white and black. They are derived from the coat of arms, and have always accompanied the club. The red and white striped shirt is a distinctive symbol, very recognized in Germany and also outside the boundaries. The shorts were white at the beginning, but later opted for the black solution. Nike is the sponsor of the club,and the company Siemens sponsors the club for several years.
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FC München
Established in 1900, FC München is definitely one of the most important teams of Germany and the world. Founded, at the beginning of last century, by a group of local entrepreneurs the club has a glorious history and full of national and international successes. The FC München is one of the Big 4 of Germany, ranked second in terms of titles won behind the Berliner SC, having gained 9 national titles over the course of its history, the first dated 1971 and the last one in the last season. The team champion of the Deutsche Fußball Liga has also known the shame of relegation, when, in 1964, after a disastrous season relegated to the second division. The following year the team was able to climb back in the first division and since then did not give more his place. In addition to the nine national titles, FC München has obtained important continental successes, confirming its position as one of the teams for excellence in Europe.
The emblem of the FC München did not have many changes from the first adopted in the year of its foundation. It has a circular shape in which there is the name of the team and in the interior, on a black base is a yellow band and on them there is a slide cross-band with the famous Bavarian chessboard.
The white uniforms of clubs are recognized worldwide. The choice fell on the white and because symbol of purity and is why it is one of the colors of Bavaria. Social color of club, in addition to the already mentioned white, are those of the city, or black and yellow. The kits of FC München are  After several years under Adidas, New Balance in 2014, the US managed to get sponsorship of the Bavarian club, thanks to a colossal contract. Fly Emirates, however, has become the official sponsor of the club in 2011, after signing a ten-year contract.
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