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2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes


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3 hours ago, habsfan1 said:

Minority opinion maybe, but I like the contrasting nameplates. It's their thing and they should continue to keep them.


I think it's a nice notasgic detail to some classic jerseys.

I like the contrasting white nameplate on the orange jersey, but the black nameplate on the road jersey doesn't work the best... 

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That's gorgeous.   


I didnt think I'd like removing the penguin's triangle, but it works. The only thing I don't love is the good stick, but I suspect that they only did that so there'd be some gold in the logo, meaning they'll use it on its own outside of these sweaters. 


And that stencil font font is what I've wanted the Packers to adopt for years.  

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13 hours ago, hockey week said:

We all know how dumb Ottawa's anniversary patch is, but they listed THIS with the facebook announcement of their all-time team

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Look, it's busy, but that's WAY better than what they went with. Where the hell was this on the uniform?


If they had taken out the team name and the city skyline, lost the awkward drop shadows, and then finished the top of the shield, it would be a pretty cool logo.  Everything below "Senators" is not too shabby.  

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Terrible look on the back, though. They went the Steelers route and put each number in an individual white rectangle on the back. Either add a thick white outline to the numbers, or go the route of the Habs' CAC throwbacks and @spyboy1's Sens concept, and put the whole number in one box of material. Leafs went with the worst option.

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