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Maple Leafs Redesign (6-in-1 Extravaganza!)


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Although I have seen quite a bit of Maple Leafs logos in collective topics with many contributors, I would really appreciate some C&C on my logos. I need to find which one is the best primarily because I would like to start a topic in the near future for The Original Six and possibly more teams. I know that you would rather be looking at Veras' football league or at one of the collective maple leafs concepts, but before you go to a new topic, please know that I worked hard on this and took time and effort to do this. Not that others didn't, I understand that, but many do not get much C&C on their concepts and spending time making those really feels like a waste if no one has something to say about them.

Now on to the concept. And yes, I did post this on a collective topic, but then again, reference upwards to the paragraph.



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I like where you are going with some of the designs, but I don't like the shape of the leaf. I think the modern leaf shape is better. I like what you did on the top left logo though, maybe experiment with the modern leaf shape on that design.

Like this?


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