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NFL 32in32 | Alternate Helmets (X-Mas Makeups. Chicago to Denver)


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I've never liked the NFL's one helmet rule, and never will. I'm gonna go ahead and break it right now with the first 32in32! Similar projects have been made over the years, but if you haven't been around for one or are curious what my rules are, here it is:

  • All helmets must be a different color than the primary helmet, unless there is a gradient (cough cough, Dolphins).
  • Most helmets will have oversized specific parts of a logo be a little ways out there.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Only one helmet per day except updates, that's why its called a 32in32, 32 alt helmets in 32 days.
  • Once a team's day is over, there will be no updating it until the project's over

Here's Arizona:


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Good concept, but the execution could be better. I had to figure out what it was. When I realized that it is suppose to be the cardinal, the part by the eye should be black,and should go down towards the edge of the helmet, since that's their logo. Also, you can barely see the number.

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Dang it packerfan, you beat me to it.

ECUFan- the idea could work, but not with teh numbers. If you were to see these on field, it would be too confusing, with the Eyes and the numbers both contrasting so much with the shell.

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I strongly agree with you about the one helmet rule (it sucks), but I am not really a fan of Arizona's helmet. I would just have a black helmet with the red primary on it to complement the Black Alt. Problem solved. No need for weird bird designs that make the helmet look strange. Just a simple look.

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