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Ole Miss Concepts (Photoshop)


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Okay, so like everyone on the board I like to make concepts using the various templates. It is my dream to see my concepts in reality, and with that chance being slim, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Without further ado, my attempts at bringing some concepts to reality with Photoshop. C&C welcome, on the uniforms and the Photoshop job.

First up, not really a concept I made, but a current uniform combination I want to see. That being the Powder Blue helmets over the Navy Jersey and Grey Pants. Up until now, the Rebs have only worn Powder Blue with Red or White/Red Jerseys, and I for one would love to see the next combo. Let's call it a throwback.


Then my modern version:


Up next, a couple of my own concepts, the first being the standard Navy Helmet, only with a Grey Facemask in order to tie in the Grey Pants and give them a vintage, old school look. This is meant to be the full time Navy Helmet, giving both helmet options a Grey mask.


The next two are also just concepts (Sorry I will be using the same photo, if that is bothersome). The first one is a Navy version of a Colonel Reb Throwback Helmet, and the second is just the Powder Blue counterpart. We can call them the "Archie Era" throwbacks.


And the concepts:



C&C Please!

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This is really cool. I too like the powder helmets and it would be nice to see them on field at some point. The grey facemask is nice too. But looking at you signature, I see Alabama and Ole Miss. What! That's not going to work out, man!

Haha yeah it's tough. My family is all Alabama, and that's how I was raised. But we live in Mississippi so I went to Ole Miss. I try to balance it as well as I can, but I will say that both Ole Miss wins over the Tide have been quite awesome to witness in person. There is a different kind of pride when it is "your school."

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