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Return of the Quebec Nordiques - A CrownCorvus Redesign


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My goal for 2016 is to do a total of 12 logo sets. I started sketching around a Quebec Nordiques concept to finish for January's design but then I couldn't stop and now here we are. Logos and wordmarks first. Uniforms next.


When the unused concepts make their way on to this post it'll be easier to see the evolution of this logo. My original idea was to have a Fleur-De-Lis point to a lower case n with a river running in the roundel to create a letter Q and compass (since Nordiques just means Northners) however the river made the Q look too much like a fancy O and I didn't want to do a compass point north because I felt it cribbed from Winnipeg too much. The river was shortened to better imply a Q and the fleur was moved to the top of the lower case n. The n was kept lowercase to refer to the original Quebec logo without outright copying it. Red was dropped as a color (it just didn't look good anywhere on the logo or uniforms) and the Blues are both slight modifications from the blue Quebec used to use.

As with the old Nordiques, the alt logo is Quebec's styled Fleur-de-lis. On all three uniforms the fluer is white with blue outlines so no other color versions of this exist.

Ironically the font I used for this is called "American Captain". The same fonts are used on the uniforms.

Uniforms will be up later today/early tomorrow but how do you like the new look Quebec Nordiques?

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The only things I dislike is that the wordmark and primary mark don't use the same font, as stated above, and that the 'n' in the primary mark doesn't reach down to the bottom of the circle. It makes it look cut off and unfinished. It's a sharp look overall, though.

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Between visiting the S/Os family and Christmas I got a bit sidetracked.

Here's an updated primary logo. Slight tweaks to position of the fleur and N plus moved the tail a little to the left. The N isn't going to reach the bottom of the circle mostly because of layering of the logo and that I don't like the space it leaves the logo. (I know there's white space regardless I just mean the kind of white space)

And now the uniforms.

First thing is first. Yes I know. No fleur waist stripe. I honestly didn't like that original set. I tried to go with something a little more traditional that could be work with minimal tweaking for decades. The home/aways are just inverses with the alt using the light blue.

I see them with no concerns. And I might be in love with the primary. I'm not in love with the font in the wordmark, as it appears to be quite different than what is in the primary.

Yeah, the primary is really nice. Also, you can't go wrong with that alt, it's a classic.

Yeah the fonts are different from the logo because they match the font used for the uniforms. I guess think like the opposite of the fonts between the Boston Celtics uniforms and their logo.

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