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U. E.S. Micaelense (fictional soccer club)


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Applied for the LPP with this in my head, didn't end up making it in but didn't want this idea to go to waste. This is my first time posting on the Concepts board since god knows when.


An incredibly religious society, U. E.S. Micaelense is inspired by the patron saint of the Azores, the Holy Spirit, and by the characteristically coloured hydrangeas on the island:

"The man that had the idea to border the road with these plants should have a statue on the island. In no other place, do they prosper better: they need a covering of light, humidity and heat...they are in their place. Their blue, is the blue that adorns the Azores on lipid days...this is a blue that is even more blue, the bunches of flowers of a colour more intense and more fresh. They are in every direction: rising along the roads and the fields forming hedges; they serve to divide the parcels and to cover the peaceful animals."

— Raul Brandão, As Ilhas Desconhecidas (1926), p.33


(my own pic)

Players are the three most well known players from the archipelago. Alternate colours drawn from the flag of Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel (Micaelense is the demonym)


and the sceptre, a symbol in the Cult of the Holy Spirit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_the_Holy_Spirit) from Azorean Christianity.

I realize the primary and clash are pretty close together, but I thought they worked well and the red could be worn quite often.

CC appreciated.

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The shape of the hydrangea works really well for a crest. I think the main light blue could be a touch darker, which would help make the numbers more readable on both the primary and clash kits, as well as give a bit more differentiation between the two.

I would move the number on the shorts to the other side, above the Puma logo, so you can put the crest on the shorts. I would like to see just a little bit of flair on the shorts, too — just a little flash of red, like on the shirt sleeves.

Having the stripe with the sponsor logo on the thirds does kind throw off the balance a bit but, to me, it's in a good way, one that keeps things interesting. Keeper kits look solid -- the big triangle kind of dominates, but I realize that's the Puma template for this year.

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