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Yet Another NFL Series (32/32) - COMPLETED 3/5


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Before we get started, here's some quick guidelines and background:

The one helmet rule carries over to an extent. One helmet is used for the home and road uniform. However, an alternate helmet may only be paired with an alternate, throwback, or League-event uniform. I'll show examples later on in the series.

Alternate, Throwback, and League-event (such as Color Rush) uniforms will be posted after all teams have been posted.

Up to three pairs of pants may be used by each team.

Some teams will be using different templates. It's mainly because I created my new Nike Vapor Untouchable template with about 5 teams remaining in my series. Afterwards, I began moving some teams over to the NVU template, but it became such a hassle, so I said screw it. Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tennessee, Washington, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and San Diego all have this template.


Without further ado, let us begin with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Notes: The biggest changes are the helmet and the numbers. The helmet is a return to the old one that that the team wore before the rebrand because the current is hot garbage. Other than that, a simple switch to a more classic striping pattern replaces... whatever it is they call striping now. Teal is the home color. White and black pants are the main options with teal making an appearance once or twice a year. The pants stripe is the same as the jersey striping and is cut similarly to the current pants striping.

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I'm honestly not that worried about the NFL logo being on the chest because it's such a small detail. Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Cleveland are the only ones who have them.

Might as well post the rest of the AFC South rather than going team-by-team.

Houston Texans:

The pants and helmet striping patterns each end in a slight curve to resemble the horns on the Texans' logo. The jersey striping remains the same except a white border has been added to the home version and a navy border to the away uniform. Red numbers with white outlines replace the white numbers w/ red outlines that were on the home uniform.

Indianapolis Colts:

Not much changed except for a couple tweaks to the logo, made the helmet striping consistent with the rest of the uniform, and gave them a blue facemask.

Tennessee Titans:



Flames. Lots of flames. The primary logo remains the same, but the flames from it are front and center, as seen on the helmet and jerseys. Red makes an appearance as an accent color, becoming the outer border of the numbers and pants striping.

As always, C&C is appreciated.

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These are all very good concepts from the AFC South Division. I especially like the new concept for the Jags. Their current uniforms are one of my least favorite and I just cant get used to their two-toned helmets. Lastly, I have never been a big fan of when a team will wear a dark-colored jersey with pants to match. Other than that, these are all very good concepts. Well done!

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Updated Houston:



Went simple with this one. It's basically a combination between the current colors and font with the Oilers' striping pattern. Went with a white facemask to help balance everything out.


Updated Jacksonville:



Completely new direction. With the simplification of Houston, I had to modernize the previous look I gave the Jags. Slashes are found on the sleeves and pants as striping. White numbers replace the gold on the home.


Updated Indianapolis:



Simply converted them to the new template.


Updated Tennessee:



Ditto Indy.


Up Next: The NFC North.

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Great job. As someone who has suffered through been a life long Titans fan, I've been begging for the Titans to go through a rebrand of sorts. If it is even remotely close to what you've done, I'd be thrilled. Can't wait to see what else you've got.

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