NHL Tweaks - Minnesota and Ottawa Added

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Thanks for the C+C guys, I really appreciate it. I tried out a metallic gold with the Ducks, and I gotta say, I like it far more than the yellow.



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I'm back, with two takes on an Original Six team.




The recent rebrand of the Maple Leafs is somewhat controversial, to say the least. While I like the logo they came up with for the team, I'm not at all a fan of the number font, the lack of an alternate logo, and the weird striping patterns (don't get rid of the Ballard Leaf, then bring back an element from his uniforms). I'm here to fix that. In both concepts, I've used a logo that has popped up a lot around the boards, namely an attempt to merge a Leaf logo with the Toronto Arenas' "T" crest. My version of that concept uses the 1967 Leaf as the base, while the "T" forms the bottom part of the stem.




Take One: A Historical Look Reborn




This is pretty much a throwback to the Leafs' 1930's-1960's template, with the throwback alternate's font and the new logos. I converted the single pants stripe into a dual stripe, if only to add a little more cohesion. This is pretty much what I wish they did, and what I'm sure they'll do in a couple of years (because MSLE wants fans to buy more jerseys and get more press coverage).


Take Two: A '67 Twist on the Classic Look




This is how I'd try to combine the 1927-34 and 1967-70 Northwestern Stripe pattern with the classic template. It gives the set the basic appearance of the 1930's-'60's look, while taking elements from the sweaters that came immediately before and after them. I'm not sure I'd ever want the Leafs to adopt this look, but I thought it was a worthwhile demonstration of how to play with the vintage look (and make them look even less like the Bolts). 


Also, here's one of my outtakes for the Penguins. I wanted to try something in the same vein as their pre-Edge look, but with Athletic Gold. So, here it is:




Yes, I tried to mimic the golden triangle pattern on the pants. While I ultimately chose not to go in this direction, I thought I'd post my take on a modern-style Penguins concept.


C+C is greatly appreciated!

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No, I actually really like that. Maybe you could move the stripes down a bit, allow for more blank space, but that actually looks really good in both home and road...which is never as easy to accomplish as it sounds.

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I figured it was about time to give this thread a little bump, for a new concept!




This one may be somewhat controversial, especially from people who prefer the kelly/yellow/black North Stars/the black & green Dallas Stars (both gold and silver variants). When the Stars released their current set, I really liked it. However, I've always wondered what that logo set would have looked like if they had gone with one of the proposed identities, which used a kelly & yellow-gold color scheme with no black:




This piqued my interest, especially since I am of the opinion that the North Stars trashed their identity when they added black. So, I decided to pursue a kelly (lighter than the current "Victory Green/dark kelly") and yellow-gold take on the Stars' current identity!




I've used yellow-gold as the bevel color (as it's close enough to white to act as a darker variant of the main color) on the logos, as well as the primary outline color. The stripe scheme is based around the current road uniforms' stripe pattern, to avert the "St. Patrick's Day Blackhawks" look. This stripe pattern now graces the pants, for further separation from the Blackhawks. The Texas outline logo is now on the shoulders, mostly due to my distaste for roundels. The road sweater now has cuff and hem additions (reflected on the sock stripe), to better balance the now-rounded green yoke. The numbers are now outlined, for a more colorful look.


With this concept, the Dallas Stars can hang on to some trademarks of their Dallas identity (the central star pattern, the Texas outline logo, and striping pattern), while preserving the color scheme and visual flair of the Minnesota North Stars (therefore discouraging the Wild from ever playing "North Stars dress-up" and dissuading the name-change people). The Stars are a Class of '67 team, and with this concept, there's no doubt about it!


C+C is greatly appreciated.

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I figured it was time to show off a few more new ideas.




Think of this concept as an attempt to "retro-ify" their inaugural uniforms. Gone is the full-length yoke, and in its place is a more normal-sized yoke and sleeve stripes. I've kept the stripes in the same basic scheme as the Wild's inaugural set, albeit symmetrically-aligned. The Leafs' old block font takes the place of the Wild's font, as it was too narrow. The custom font does not return, because it's a bit too "modern" for this concept. The team now uses the "M' from the Minnesota script as an alternate logo, inspired by their Stadium Series uniforms (and I happen to like it more than the roundel and the "State of Hockey" patch).  




It may be a bit busy and have that silly name (which appears nowhere on the uniforms, BTW), but it's got plenty of color and enough vintage charm to make up for it.


Also, because I wanted to test it out full-scale, here's the Wild in Forest Green/"North Star" Gold!




Hey, if the Wild can't switch to the North Stars' name, they can always adopt a modified version of that color scheme! ;)




I've never been content with the current Heritage set, as it's a little too plain and has inconsistent stripe widths. I wanted to impart some of the Roman set's "personality" onto it, without actually using anything from the Roman look. So, I set about finding a happy medium.




@hockey week and his excellent Senators' logo has always been a favorite of mine. However, I came to the conclusion that it was too busy to really work as a full-time crest (what with the leaf pattern and perspective). So, I took the basic idea behind it (the Peace Tower enclosed in the classic Senators' "O" logo), and made a simpler rendering of it. The Peace Tower now bears the gold color from the Roman Sens' identity, and a light green for the tower's patina-coated roof (a suggestion made by @the admiral, if I recall correctly). The hands on the clock are set to "6" and "7," as a reference to the Confederation of Canada.


The secondary logo takes the shield outline from the current heritage set, with the addition of the the three-leaf symbol from the Canadian Coat of Arms (via the Pearson Pennant) and a replica of the barberpole stripes. I added a gold outline, to tie in to the primary crest.




The barberpole stripes have been duplicated on the sleeves and socks for a more vintage effect (while preserving consistent thickness), and the center stripe is now interrupted by a box for the numbers, which I thought was a decent compromise. The number and NOB font is the same as the Heritage set. This way, the Senators can appeal to hockey's history in Ottawa, without sacrificing "personality."


As always, C+C is greatly appreciated!

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1st Wild Set: Yuck. I'm not a fan of the over complicated yokes, and there's too many colors competing for attention.


2nd Wild Set: I love it! The North Stars' color scheme really pops. And while I don't think it's as good as their current identity, it's still really good.


Senators: The jerseys are great, but the logos aren't as good. They stem from good ideas, but feel like they're more from the early 20th century rather than the early 21st century.

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The logo is brilliant, the deconstruction is superb and that secondary logo is, just, perfect. That should be the Sens' secondary, because even with a modern set, which you know they want to have but are way too scared to keep with what EVERYONE ELSE wants, that is the perfect shout to the past.

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I definitely prefer the version that just uses green, white, and red. The gold looks good, but it's just a bit too...bright and heavy. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but I think the simpler green, white, and red pallet suit the Wild more.



I dare say this is the perfect blend of the original look and the 80s/90s Lindros look. It improves on the current look in every way the Lindros look did, but the striping and yokes aren't as thick and bloated. Well done!



Johnny Canuck! It's a very basic tweak, but everything you did was an improvement.


New Jersey-

I dig the bits of the old red and green identity you used while keeping it true to the red and black look. I always loved the thick, almost nonsensical striping of the red and green look, but this adds just enough of that flavour to win me over :D



That's one of the best Ducks concepts I've ever seen. The colours are perfect. I definitely prefer the earlier version with the yellow instead of metallic gold. This goes hand in hand with the Minnesota concept too. The Wild concept that used gold looked good, but it was a bit too close to your Ducks concept. If your work is viewed as a set? I prefer the Ducks be the ones to run with that general aesthetic. 


Los Angeles-

Very well done. I've never liked the modern crown though. The crown used in the Gretzky-era shield is probably my all-time favourite LA Kings crown, but it never got a chance to shine on its own.



Again, simple tweaks, but good tweaks. I love those pants stripes. The second set with the triangle striping is a great update to their pre-Edge look.



I'm not digging the alternate mark. It's perfectly executed, and I appreciate any attempt to work the Arenas' T into the Leafs' look. I'm just not sure how two very different styles of leaves will work together.

I prefer the striping on the first set. The '67 striping's great too, but I would go with just one set of stripes. The double set is almost striping overload. Though that's fitting in a way, given the Leafs' early sweaters...



Very nice. I didn't think the shading would look that good in that colour scheme.



Yes! This might be my new all-time favourite Senators concept.


52 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

The jerseys are great, but the logos aren't as good. They stem from good ideas, but feel like they're more from the early 20th century rather than the early 21st century.

The argument can be made that it was an intentional design choice.

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Very impressed with what you've put together in this thread!


PIT- You completely fixed the small problems in their current set. I'm not too sure about the thickness of the stripes, but it doesn't worsen the look.


PHI- I like what they wear now, but your set gives them a more modern look that fits perfectly with the brand.


MIN- While I'm a fan of current away jersey, I love your many approaches! Your most recent one is the best of them, IMO.


TOR- Nothing new, but your first set especially destroys their current one.


OTT- While I'm in the camp favouring the newer side profile Roman look, this logo and jersey set just looks incredible! Both logos are simple, yet more complex than their current Heritage look, and represent this side of the Senator brand perfectly. The jersey tweaks also look great.

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I like the Ducks, a lot.  It's disappointing that they won't go in a direction like this.  Definitely better with the gold than the yellow.


I prefer "take one" for Toronto.  Take 2 stripes a bit to busy to be paired, for my taste.


Dallas: Awesome.  Looks really, really good without the black.


Pittsburgh: I like the page 1 concept.  The stripe pattern on page 2 is a downgrade from what they have now.


Minnesota: I'm not a huge fan of the early ones on the first page, but...


...the first take on this second page is really, really nice.  In fact, it's damn near perfect. One of the better Wild concepts I've seen in a while.  To the above point about the busy yoke, I don't agree; I love it.  The alternative to "too many colors competing for attention" is the Wild's current philosophy of separating colors. However, I will say the one tweak I'd make is maybe to thin the red stripe on the yoke just a bit.  The green and yellow is nice, but the one with the team's actual colors is nearly perfect.  I'll be blown away if their next jerseys are even close to this good.

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