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Texas Rangers Concept


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As much as I enjoy attending Texas Rangers games, their current identity isn't really doing it for me. A few issues I have:

1. They use three different fonts -- one for the chest wordmark, one for the NOB and yet another one for the numbers (albeit the regular varsity block with a few spikes thrown in for good measure).

2. Their main logo looks like nearly every other main logo in the AL West

3. I can't explain why, but on their gray road uniforms, despite the one and only difference being the fabric color, their NOB is nearly undetectable from a distance.

So I created this concept to rectify those issues. Among the highlights:

1. A single font, based on their current NOB font

2. No middle outline on the wordmarks, names or numbers.

3. I re-added a dropshadow, but this one only uses a two-color treatment instead of the four-color mess (blue, white, red, black dropshadow) they used to employ.

4. A new main logo, cap logo, which feature a star wheel in the same style as that of the Texas Rangers law enforcement unit badge, superimposed on an outline of the state of Texas.

5. A new jersey patch (sleeve patch on all jerseys except the road alternate, which is a slightly larger version placed on the chest). Note the placement of the star wheel on the R. The middle of that star wheel is roughly the location of Globe Life Park in relation to its placement on the Texas outline.

6. In homage to the Nolan Ryan era, the alternate home uniform features their old cursive logo.

7. Red is the dominant color at home; blue is the dominant color on the road.

What do you think?


For the sake of comparison:


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The TR logos while nice up close, it crams too many elements into it at one time and at a distance you wouldn't see it that well. As for the main logo, I don't know if I would call it an upgrade over the current logo. The current logo has a good color balance of red and blue. The concept logo seems kinda forced with the gray/silver being a dominating color. I get that the look is trying to resemble a Texas Rangers badge. While I wouldn't mind the Rangers having this element as part of the identity or alternate logo, it isn't working here especially when you replace the T on the hat. The T on the hat has been a staple of the Rangers for most of their identity.

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This has the potential to be an improvement over their current set, but it isn't quite there yet. I really dislike how they sometimes wear a red hat with their blue-based home uniforms, so I think what you have done in that regard is an improvement. I also like the new font and the cursive script on the red alternate.

I don't really love when teams are one color at home and another on the road, so my preference would be to emphasize blue at home...but I understand why you did what you did.

Your logos need improvement, though. Your main logo and hat logo are mainly gray. You don't put any gray on anything else, so it looks really odd. I would make the badge/star blue and make the outline gray (or just leave it white). In addition, the outlines on your logos are a mess. Make them a uniform weight. Lastly, the badge/star on your sleeve logo is too busy. I think it would look good if you removed the ring and only had the star. It worked when the Rangers did it in the past, and I think it would improve your logo.

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I like this, but I feel the cap logo is too busy. I would lose the "R" and just have the "T" in front of the outline of Texas.

I also agree with what David above me said, and that is that the gray badge in the main logo looks out of place.

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