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NHL Fixes 1/30 Anaheim Ducks


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I've been on these boards for a while now, and I've made lots of concepts before, but I've never posted any of my concepts. As a huge hockey fan, I'll be starting with the NHL.

Here's my fix on the Anaheim Ducks.

I used striping from both the current and past striping to create a blend of both. I also used a more hunter or camo green to give more of a actual duck like look. You know, because you hunt ducks... :D

EDIT: I guess the hunting theme is throwing people off, but the colors are a woods/forest like feel, along with actual ducks colors. (Well Close)

I also can't figure out how to show the image directly in the post, so I guess I'll just have to include a link.

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If you didn't mention the colors were to represent hunting...which doesn't make much sense for the team that would be hunted...I'd have just thought you were combining the old colors with the new, which I like. Also the thin black stripe on the white jersey doesn't look very good, it's too thin. Unless it's just supposed to be stitching. Otherwise I like the look.

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