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Manitoba Moose Alternate Uniforms


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So with the new year almost upon me; 6 minutes actually, I thought I'd create one last concept for the year. After watching the Manitoba Moose play today, I wanted to create an alternate uniform for them. I'll probably get to creating a Winnipeg Jets alternate similar to these. At the Moose game, the outer circle video screens had an intriguing colour pattern on them and I liked how it might look on a uniform. So I created a classic looking uniform, using the striping pattern I saw tonight. I also wanted to incorporate some trees in the background, because AHL teams usually do more crazy things with their jerseys. So I created another uniform, this time grey, with the sublimated tree design in the stripes. I also decided to use their full logo, since they currently use the partial logo on their uniforms.

Any C&C is appreciated :)



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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