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Winnipeg Jets Alternate Uniform


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So, I just created 2 concepts for a Manitoba Moose alternate uniform. But I have always wanted to create a Winnipeg Jets uniform. So I took the same idea as my Moose concept, but added slight changes to fit the Jets. The arm stripes create a point, for True North. The 2 designs are basically the full logo and a partial logo with just the jet. Although a throwback uniform would be cool for the Jets to do, I think when they unveiled their new logo, they were creating a whole new identity, and I think this identity needs a whole new alternate, not a throwback. Plus, I'm not sure if the Coyotes own the Jets 1.0 logo and jerseys, since its apart of their franchise history.



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The sky blue is a natural for their RCAF theme, especially with their primary roundel logo. For this reason, and because the silver stripes and numbers don't work for me, I prefer the first one.

I agree that the old Jets uniforms can be left on the shelf.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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