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pittsburghsports16's MLB Tweak Series


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It's been a long long time since I've done this, but I've really been itching to get back at this stuff! I'll just get right into it with the rules:


In my series, I'll be tweaking every MLB team, going alphabetically in the AL first, then the NL. The rules for each MLB team consist of the following:

1) 3 Caps
2) 1 pair of socks
3) 3 Pants
4) 1 Belt
5) 1 Long-sleeved undershirt

6) 3 Short-sleeved undershirts

7) 6 Non-buttoned "game vests" (3 for home, 3 for road)

8) 3 Logos

Home uniforms feature white, off-white, or gray game vests. Road uniforms have colored game vests. Pants can be also be colored.


1) Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles

Background Image Credit: pxleyes.com / ("http://www.pxleyes.com/images/contests/city-bw/fullsize/Camden-Yards-4e41903f0f411_hires.jpg")

For the Orioles, I kept everything a hopefully balanced mix of modern and retro. I also wanted the two main colors to have about

a 55% orange and 45% black color balance.

The primary logo features the current bird perched upon the "Orioles" script. The secondary logo has the "O's" logo inside the classic roundel. The tertiary logo is a slightly tweaked version of the retro oriole head logo.


Too lazy to describe the 6 uniforms. Just check em out and provide C&C if you want :)





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The number shouldn't be centered on the jersey, it should be off to the side. And do you really need all of those shoulder patches?

I understand, but these are my ideas on what a baseball uniform should be. In my world, baseball uniforms are vests with an undershirt. The vests don't have buttons, so it's kind of a pullover style if you will. This allows me to center the number on the front of the jersey. Therefore, without the number having to be on the left side of the shirt, this opens up for the patch placement on the undershirt to be equal as well. In other words, instead of the jersey being "left-heavy" with the front number off-set to the left with one patch on the left arm, there can be two patches on both arms, and the front number can be centered. I hope I'm not coming across as rejecting C&C, but I would like to do this series with that overall uniform "template" in mind.

If this helps to understand, these are the 3 parts to the torso section of the uniform.


If everyone really doesn't like it at all, then I'll get rid of the double patches and the centered front number.

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What program are you using? Perhaps you should find a tool to make straight lines, because the pants piping is very curvy. I can tell every time your hand wiggled.

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What program are you using? Perhaps you should find a tool to make straight lines, because the pants piping is very curvy. I can tell every time your hand wiggled.

Yeah, believe it or not, that was by design. Was trying to contour the piping with the silhouette of the pants. Looks silly in hindsight, so I'll straighten them out.

EDIT: I'm using MS Paint.

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The numbers would look better on the left because the wordmark slopes upward leaving more space below the left side than the right. When it is centered it looks off. Now, when teams arch their wordmarks (like the Yankees, Giants, etc. road jerseys) then the centered numbers would look good.

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Note to slapshot: the opinions of others and their choice of words do not require your approval. Freedom Of Choice. Look it up.

We have rules, though. The Concepts section is a place to help people learn design. Saying "this sux!!1!" Is a put down, rather than constructive criticism. Saying "Instead of having the numbers centered, place them on the side to give the uniforms a better look." Helps designers learn. Plus, Slapshot's a mod. Not the greatest idea to mess with mods.
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I'm not really a fan, although I think it may have something with me being a traditionalist. Looking past the non-traditional aspects, however, I do have a couple of critiques that could help you along. First is the limitation of one pair of socks. I think that having two makes the uniform options look better- for example, it might be interesting to see if the Orioles had an orange sock option. Secondly is the buttonless vests. While that may sound good to you on paper, consider that it is basically going to look like a basketball jersey with a short sleeve shirt underneath. I would advise you either add buttons or not make the uniforms tank tops (which is what they basically are right now). What you have right now is not really the greatest look IMO. I would also agree with those who are telling you not to center the numbers, it makes this look like a basketball jersey. For the black jersey, I would not have it paired with the white shirt, as it provides an awkward contrast. I don't see the need for two different birds, and I also think that your caps need more cohesion, as the identity here is very confused. This is very unconventional to say the least, but I am interested where you go for the other teams.

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Thank you to those who gave constructive criticism. I'll be changing the template by adding buttons and putting the front number on the left side. It really does look like a basketball jersey. I'm also gonna make some changes to the rules to allow for more options. I'll rethink the primary road jersey for the Orioles as well. Thanks again :)

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