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1 hour ago, CS85 said:



Saw some reports that seem to "verify" that the Eagles absolutely know who the Rams are picking, but all bets are off come next Thursday evening.  What boggles my mind is that this draft is dense with quality defensive players and a sparing few potentially elite offensive tackles, yet people are trading picks like candy to get 1 of 3 feast-or-famine QBs.  Maybe it's just the conservative fantasy GM in me, but I find this deal and the Rams deal really stupid, but I guess it all depends on who's being taken.  The Rams could take Jalen Ramsey & the Eagles draft Tunsil.  I'd love that chaos.


It is, but the Rams needed to do something stupid in the offseason.  It's in the franchise charter.  That said, Operation Spectacular Insanity is going to make the Eagles look really stupid when the Rams draft Wentz instead.

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2 hours ago, dfwabel said:

Here is the "Jimmy Johnson Draft Trade Value Chart"


The #2 overall is worth 2,600 points and the Browns got back 1,705 points to use in next week's draft. 


As of now, I think CLE has six of the first 100 picks (8, 32, 65, 77, 99 and 100).

Let's see if Cleveland does better with their slew of picks this time as opposed to last, when they acquired all those picks from the Falcons for Julio Jones.


Jones is still with the Falcons.  None of the 5-6 picks Cleveland got in that trade are still with the Browns....

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I did my first post-"goddamn that's a lot of trades" mock draft, for anyone who cares (hollow fart sound), so for anyone interested, I'd like your thoughts.



1. Los Angeles Rams (f/TEN) - Jared Goff, QB - California
2. Philadelphia Eagles (f/CLE) - Carson Wentz, QB - North Dakota State
3. San Diego Chargers - Laremy Tunsil, OT - Ole Miss
4. Dallas Cowboys - Jalen Ramsey, DB - Florida State
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Joey Bosa, DE - Ohio State
6. Baltimore Ravens - DeForest Buckner, DE - Oregon
7. San Francisco - Myles Jack, LB - UCLA
8. Cleveland Browns (f/PHI) - Laquon Treadwell, WR - Ole Miss
9. Tampa Bay Buccanneers - Sheldon Rankins, DT - Louisville
10. New York Giants - Shaq Lawson, DE - Clemson
11. Oakland Raiders (f/CHI)- Ezekiel Elliott, RB - Ohio State
12. New Orleans Saints - Jarran Reed, DT - Alabama
13. Miami Dolphins (f/PHI) - Vernon Hargreaves III, CB - Florida
14. Chicago Bears (f/OAK) - Jarran Reed, DT - Alabama
15. Tennessee Titans (f/LAR) - Ronnie Stanley, OT - Notre Dame
16. Detroit Lions - Noah Spence, DE - Eastern Kentucky
17. Atlanta Falcons - Darron Lee, LB - Ohio State
18. Indianapolis Colts - Jack Conklin, OT - Michigan State
19. Buffalo Bills - Robert Nkemdiche, DT - Ole Miss
20. New York Jets - Paxton Lynch, QB - Memphis
21. Washington Redskins - Mackensie Alexander, CB - Clemson
22. Houston Texans - Corey Coleman, WR - Baylor
23. Minnesota Vikings - Cody Whitehair, OG - Kansas State
24. Cincinnati Bengals - Reggie Ragland, LB - Alabama
25. Pittsburgh Steelers - William Jackson, CB - Houston
26. Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Bullard, DL - Florida
27. Green Bay Packers - A'Shawn Robinson, DT - Alabama
28. Kansas City Chiefs - Eli Apple, CB - Ohio State
29. New England Patriots - VOIDED, make no entry!
30. Arizona Cardinals - Taylor Decker, OT - Ohio State
31. Carolina Panthers - Kenny Clark, DT - UCLA
32. Denver Broncos - Su'a Cravens, S/LB - USC


Bold = draft day trade, all trades otherwise labeled w/ (f/___) are pre-draft.



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Panthers rescind franchise tag on CB Josh Norman.  He's a free agent now, and some team is going to drastically overpay in both money and years.  Still very wild to see a guy his age hit the open market so late in the game.

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My reaction to the Eagles-Browns trade is essentially the same reaction I had to the Rams-Titans trade: "Wow, that's a lot to give up."  I think both the Titans and Browns have done fantastically with these trades, and especially the Browns because they now still have a top 10 pick and four other picks to go with it. I think the Rams' trade made a bit more sense as I think even if Wentz reaches his full NFL potential he will be, at most, on Goff's level. 


Whats also crazy is that, at number 6, the Ravens will most likely get a franchise player (e.g. Tunsil, Ramsey, Bosa, etc.). Thanks a lot, Rams and Eagles! B) 

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I like that the Eagles and Rams are going all-in for Wentz and Goff. Giving up the farm for a QB, as we recently saw with RG3, (even if it misses) didn't really hurt the Redskins and didn't exactly help the Rams. I also think that Paxton Lynch was underrated following the combine, but it's good to see him moving up form the late-first to potentially the Top 10.


Swing and a Miss thread, here I come....


When it's all said and done, the Quarterback Class of 2016 will rival that of '83 and '04.

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The other thing with this move is that Howie Roseman basically bought himself a couple years of being the de facto GM because wentz probably won't play until 17, and if you believe Doug Pederson, 18. 


Their whole offseason word of the day was "accountability", and how Chip was accountable and now Howie is. Well, there's nothing to hold him accountable for until 18 now so he's probably just bought himself some security. 

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they must know that LA is drafting Goff, since Wentz has apparently already been spotted wearing his new jersey.  Not sure he's going to make it in the pros considering he apparently doesn't have arms.




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And he dresses like Kris Kross? :huh:


I like Wentz.  Granted, I've seen very little of him, but he was a guy that, going into the offseason, I would've liked the Broncos to snag.  But I don't think any of the QBs at the top of the draft are worth sacrificing entire drafts for.

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Technically they sacrificed an entire draft spread over three years.  A 3 in 16, a 1 in 17, and a 2 in 18.  There may be some other picks in there that I"m forgetting but those are the big ones.


I intentionally left out the obvious 1st round pick since they didn't really "give" that away, and the 4 in 16 because they got one back too.

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