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Columbus Blue Jackets: Branding and Identity


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The Columbus Blue Jackets are one of the few teams that have seen any changes to their main uniforms since the introduction to the Reebok Edge uniform system back in 2007. Ever since the team introduced the cannon roundel as a shoulder/secondary logo on their uniforms this past summer, it seems like the team may be moving away from their current primary mark. This project aims to create a new identity for the team with a nod to the past. The colors remain the same, but a classic, more simple set of stripes (which have been used on the team's socks since its inception) don the primary uniforms. The alternate uniform, which is inspired by work from Anthony Zych (a Blue Jackets inhouse designer known for his creative game day posters) speaks to the city of Columbus and its deep hockey roots, as well as further the team's marketing campaign of "March With Us".

I'll go ahead and post the link to my project on Behance, but I will share some of the main highlights on here, too.

Here are the main logos used, and the new word marks.



And the uniforms.




Enjoy, and check out the rest of this project on Behance!

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I love it!!! I would like to see the captain's patch a different color on the home and away jerseys,but I don't mind. I like how Ohio is the patch. Very creative, clean, and appealing. A very nice update to the Blue Jackets.

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Very clean, but the white jersey does have a Rangers-vibe to me.

And since you went all out and redesigned the logos, why not use different jersey fonts as well? Columbus' fonts are really ugly, and some of the lettering is illegible from a distance. Not your fault, you kept what it currently used, but I think changing to a less ugly font will make this concept even better.

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Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. I'd like to address a few of the comments...

-The block number font is unique to the team - I couldn't tell you another team in professional sports that uses this typeface - and it fits better than on this set than their current number font (especially on the alternate). A less blocky font could be used, but I don't think I'm going to change that.

-For the NOB font, I tried out using "brothers" (the font used in the word mark), but it looks horrendous. I'm going to keep this, too, because it is unique to the club and holds some continuity from all of the team's past uniforms.

-Yes, the road uniform does give off sort of a Rangers-vibe, but the more you look at it, the more you will realize the differences (i.e. the dominance of navy blue on the jersey, as well as the pants, different styled cuffs and shoulder yoke)

-As for the pants striping, plenty of teams use mismatched pants and jersey striping. The Canucks, Blackhawks, and Stars are the first that come to mind. If you take a look at the project on Behance, the final page with the player models look pretty good in my opinion with the Canucks/Blackhawks/Stars styled pants striping.


-Lastly, I'd like to reiterate what billc52865 mentioned about the word mark. The Union Army kepi is part of the mark because it pays tribute to those who wore it in battle, and also further enhances the civil war brand that the Jackets aim for.

Thanks for all of the comments so far!

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I like the idea of the state of Ohio captaincy patch, as it's a nice way to quasi-reference the other NHL team the state has had, the Barons.

And I may be in the minority, but I'll say I enjoy my Blue Jackets' concepts with just a hint of electric green. :P

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The order of colors on the pant stripes match the home jersey stripes - blue-white-red-white-blue, similar to how Chicago's away jersey matches.

It's hard to really tell, but with the pant stripes I think they should be more like the Islanders than Chicago in terms of thicknesses.

Love these all around though. Great update to the identity. I agree on the numbers. Although, I'd like to see a different font all together. Not either of the current, probably not a straight block font either. I think something slightly more modern without getting crazy would look nice. Something akin to Washington's or he Atlanta Falcons.

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