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Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)


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Hello all,

So I was inspired by Midway's football template and decided to create a minimalist football helmet. To take it a step further, I created a signature for myself using my favorite team. I had so much fun making this that I decided to start taking requests from you all in order to give you an awesome signature to use.

As of now, I am only making football designs (both NFL and NCAA). To make a request, simply state the team you want done and any additional information to be included (championships, etc.). An example of the layout is shown below.


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i have an intresting request

three helmets on one slide

navy blue background

in order from left to right Bills Helmet, UB Bulls (Can you chromofi the logo and facemask too?), and my high school Depew (picture reference below)

after that Script: 716


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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