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Best Possible Super Bowl 50 Uni Matchup

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AFC is the home team this year??

Hmmm, Vikes/Chiefs pops into my head right away. I'm sure there are other great looks, I just need to double check the playoff teams.

NO BLUE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!! NO BLUE!!! Sick of blue uni's and really really sick of blue end zones.

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Although unlikely, this is another possible good matchup.


Not a great looking matchup, but we could get a rematch of this.


Another note: If Pittsburgh makes the Super Bowl, I think they wear white. They made the Super Bowl as a 6 seed in 2005 and wore their white jerseys in the Super Bowl as a good luck charm because they had to win three road games to get there. Don't be surprised to see the same thing happen again if Pittsburgh makes it.

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Cardinals-Bengals....?? Cmon obvious choice... Kidding. Even though Im a cards fan, we need to bring back the traditional set. This may be the worst possible uniform matchup. But Go Cards!


You got the teams right, but the worst possible uniform matchup would be the one we'd probably see if both teams made it to the Super Bowl: Bengals in black vs Cardinals in white.

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