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As we all know, the NHL will most likely get a make over in 2017 when Adidas takes over the league's uniforms. Whether this means the complete demolition of the jerseys we have now, little tweaks, or no changes, we don't know. I see it as a way for Adidas to fix the NHL's jerseys, and I have done so with this series. Teams that I see have perfect sets of home, away, and alternate jerseys (such as the St. Louis Blues) won't be redesigned. Rather than releasing jerseys one at a time, I will be releasing them in sets of 8.



After the NHL's 100th season takes place in 2016-2017, Adidas will take over. I thought that the NHL may try to move into a modern and classic identity, which the league's new logo does. The shield shape and angle of the "NHL" acronym matches that of the league's longstanding design before current commissioner Gary Bettman's reign. The gradient of the current logo is removed, replaced with a simpler white color, and spaces are inserted in the space between the shield and the lines that contain the acronym. The logo has been implemented in all teams' jersey presentations.



The Anaheim Ducks unveiled beautiful alternate jerseys at the beginning of the 2015-2016 season, that featured a recolored version of the Mighty Ducks logo, a primarily orange jersey, with detailed striping on the waist and arms. These jerseys build on that, featuring a logo mixing the current Ducks era and the older Mighty Ducks era, adding a white jersey based on the orange one unveiled this summer. A classic, yet modern, jersey that fits well with the Ducks current and older identity, is what I hope Adidas has in store for us, in 2017.




The Arizona Coyotes also unveiled new jerseys this summer, replacing their previous brick-red and bland uniforms with a newer set, which some call ugly for the complicated arm striping and the big block of black that hangs on the shoulders of the jerseys, I fixed all those issues, and also reintroduced hunter green into the Coyotes color scheme, using highlights of hunter green inside the Coyote's head and the striping on the home and away jerseys. On the alternate, I used an unused Coyotes design from the 1990's, highlighting hunter green and the Kachina-art style on the waist and arms of the jersey.




The Buffalo Sabres currently have a mix of past and current eras, using a throwback to their initial era, along with navy blue and armpit piping. While the current jerseys are decent, many fans dislike them for the armpit piping and navy blue color. Both issues are rectified in this redesign, going back to the original blue and striping patterns. The alternate is a bit of a modern throwback, using yellow as the team's main color, which the team has never done before. The alternate features stripes on the shoulders and arms that are navy blue and white, effectively keeping navy blue as a tertiary color in the Sabres color scheme.



Nearly all hockey uniform fans dislike the current Flames jerseys and logo, for the unnecessary black outlines and the terrible piping style the team uses. These jerseys rectify both issues, eliminating black from the team's color scheme, using yellow instead, and having no piping on the jersey at all. Yellow is more prominent on the uniforms, with it being one of the primary colors both in the logo and the uniforms. The jerseys are a throwback to the Flames' older styles, which were brought from Atlanta before relocation, and stuck around until the mid-1990's.




The Carolina Hurricanes had an identity that lasted from their relocation to the Carolinas to 2013, when they unveiled modern-yet-bland uniforms. The only remaining part of the identity they built is on the alternate jersey, which is the only jersey to use the warning-flag pattern that made the Hurricanes famous. With these uniforms, I combine the modern and past identities, and the alternate is a Reebok-esque version of the current alternate, but utilizing more red than the current jersey.

More coming a few more posts!

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Here's the continuation of Set One:




The Colorado Avalanche are a team that many say were ruined in the Reebok redesign, and I wouldn't disagree. The team threw away their classic mountain-style striping in favor of unnecessary piping up and down the jerseys. The home and away fix that, utilizing a more modern take on the designs the team wore initially after their move from Québec. The Avalanche also introduced a new color in the 2015-2016 season, using their alternate jersey as a way to bring it into their set. While the alternate they unveiled is based on prior Colorado hockey history, my alternate is based on prior Colorado Avalanche alternate history, mixing their two previous alternate jerseys.



The Columbus Blue Jackets currently use their jerseys that were designed in the Reebok takeover, which aren't bad, but come off a little boring, as their only feature is piping along the shoulders and arms. The Blue Jackets unveiled a new secondary logo in the 2015-2016 season, which has been utilized as the crest in my redesign. The jerseys are based off of the Blue Jackets' alternates that have been used from 2010 to the upcoming Adidas redesign. The new jerseys I've made still keep the current primary logo alive, using them as shoulder patches. Stitched stars that come directly from the logo now adorn the arm striping, as well.



The Montreal Canadiens have been wearing the same jersey in some sense for their 100+ year old history, but their only alternates have been throwbacks. This alternate goes a little out of the box, using the same design as the home and away the team uses, but making blue the home color for the first time. The jersey has a classic, 100-ish year old feel to it, but still fits well enough with the current set to make it seem modern.

Where are the Bruins?

I think the Bruins already have a near-perfect set as it is. If you read what I wrote, you'd see that I explained why I didn't do them. Thanks!

I know I skipped a few teams, but they'll come up in the next set of jerseys. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you later!

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The Canadiens in blue is a big no-no. I know their options are somewhat limited, but there would be a riot on the scale of the Richard Riot if they skated onto the ice in blue jerseys.

Yeah, I can see that. I just tried to be a little out of the box with it.

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Not bad


I like it overall, but the logo does need fixing as pointed out. The orange jersey isn't too bad, but the white looks a bit drab. Probably want less gold and more orange to make it pop. And my gosh are those numbers on the back humangous big!


I like that you included green, but I think you did it in the wrong way. The green in the logo just doesn't work. Puting green on the coyote instead of black makes the logo lose detail and just ''muddy'' instead. The forest green and maroon blend into each other, they need to stand out. Go back to black and use green elsewhere. Maybe as an outline. As for the jerseys, well a red logo on a red jersey doesn't stand out very well. It needs a sand colored outline or something so it won't get lost in the rest of the red. The home and away uniforms aren't spectacular, but they aren't terrible either. Not much to say about them. I like the alternate, it works pretty well by itself, but it seems like maroon would look better then green on the cuffs and hem. It doesn't break the concept, but brick red is now the primary color for the 'Yotes and it would make for better continuity. I realize that it's supposed to be a throwback of sorts, but hey, your call.


Solid set. A bit bland, but solid nonetheless. You could have incorporated silver, but that might be too tricky for you to pull off without making it look busy. Can't say I'm a fan of the alternate. There isn't anything wrong with it per se, but I've never really liked that many stripes, especially in old throwback jerseys.


Really good. Modernizing the old look, while keeping the feel of the new. The only thing that would make it better would be to use their current numbers. I'm not a big fan of removing black and think it can be used very well,but I think you removed it the right way.


You brought back the warning flags and grey. Both a plus in my book. There's not a lot to distinguish them from their older jerseys, but it works. The alternate on the other hand, I'm not so fond of. The flag design, stripes, and numbers on the sleeve are goinig to look really busy and probably cluttered if they were worn on ice. Probably want to simplify that. Also I would use a red stripe on the hem with smaller silver stripes on each side. you don't really need white stripes next to a thick silver one.

By the way, why do Arizona and Carolina share the same number font? Seems a bit lazy.


Ah, my team! I like the return of the mountain theme, but it really needs some work. First of all, the burgundy in the logo is lighter than the burgundy in the white jersey! That is a glaring mistake. Also never place burgundy and blue next to each other, they blend together. Same problem with the green and red on the Coyotes logo. It look messy and you cant really tell that there's a blue stripe on the burgundy peaks. The numbers could use some outlines and what happened to black and silver? You haven't really replaced them with anything and it hurts the primary set. I kind of like the alternate, but the black pops out of nowhere! Also the yoke needs a black stripe next to the white one in order to match the rest of the striping. The name and numbers are too low on the back too. Plus, the secondary logo looks smooshed or elongated.


Two thumbs up! Probably your best set. It's new, yet familiar, classic, yet it has just enough originality to make it stand out. Not much to say other than it looks fantastic. I would buy one and I'm not even a Jackets fan.


I applaud the effort, but something is just a little off with this one. I like that you came up with something different for a team that stubbornly refuses to update itself (hey I'm all for tradition, but in this case a tweak or two would do the team wonders), but it seems like it's taking a step back while trying to go forward. Keep the logo red, that blue and red outlining just makes the white logo look amateurish.

Oh, and where's the rest of the uniforms? Don't present half a set!

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At first I didn't know how much I approved of your designs. But then I saw your Avalanche designs and realized you aren't like the millions of other halfwits on this site that completely ruin the Avalanche. Beautiful Job man. Although, I would say take out the black from the alternate. A lot of people here in Colorado don't really like the black on the old alternates. And I don't particularly think it's necessary either.

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At first I didn't know how much I approved of your designs. But then I saw your Avalanche designs and realized you aren't like the millions of other halfwits on this site that completely ruin the Avalanche. Beautiful Job man. Although, I would say take out the black from the alternate. A lot of people here in Colorado don't really like the black on the old alternates. And I don't particularly think it's necessary either.

Not true, there's no problem with the Avs incorporating black in the color scheme, it's just the way it's used that is a little off. There are precious few concepts that DON'T look weird when the black is completely removed. This is especially true when we're talking about the equipment. Make the pads, gloves, and helmets steel blue, we look like Montreal wannabes, make them burgundy, we look like raspberries. It just doesn't look as sharp.No black is fine, it just needs to be used correctly.

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