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Florida Panthers - Logo Concept and Uniform Prediction


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The Florida Panthers will be unveiling a completely new look for the 2016-17 NHL season. Some of the details of the uniforms have leaked, so I took a stab at what I think they may look like based off of the information provided.

We know that it will feature a broad chest stripe - similar to the Montreal Canadiens' sweaters - with a gold-white-gold pattern on the home, and gold-red-gold pattern on the road. We also know that the use of blue has been minimized, with it only appearing in the crest, numbers, pants and gloves. And finally, we know that the main jersey crest will resemble the 101st Airborne Division (with a "mean" panther with red eyes as the center piece), and that the shouder patch is a stylized Floridian flag.
The main, stand-alone panther was inspired by an unifinished sketch/concept by Ken Loh (1993), which was featured in a piece by Icethetics, as well as by some of the elements from the Jacksonville Jaguars main logo.
As for the jerseys, I wanted to differentiate them enough from the Canadiens so that they are not a 100% carbon copy with the colors swapped. With the unique cuffs, coupled with the matching collar and hem styles, I think that this establishes enough of a difference between the Canadiens timeless look and the Panthers new style.
Check out the project here on Behance, or follow along below
C&C is always appreciated!
ALSO, I know that there have been several Panthers concepts posted recently on here, and this is just a reminder that many of these will look somewhat similar.
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These look great! So is it official that no blue will be used on the jerseys? Besides te numbers that is.

It's said it will be a trim color. So whether it's on the uniforms or not, it will be a small amount.
thank you for clarifying. I hate it won't be on there more. I can't get Calgary out of my head with just red and yellow
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