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A Few European Soccer Kits (Roma)


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I finished Barcelona!

The home is meant to be a combination of the darker colors used recently and the older colors worn by David Villa and Ronaldinho. The away is obviously based off the Catalan Colors. Half shirts have a big place in the history of the Blaugrana so I did that on the third kid with pink and purple just to mix it up a bit.



EDIT: no clue what is going on with picture quality, but I am working on it.

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Picture quality is fine -- it's just shrinking it down/compressing it for display on the boards. Click on the image, then click on the "Full Size" button in the bottom left corner, and you'll see it's good.

Really digging Bayern, especially the details in the hoops on the home kit and the sash on the white clash. Man City kits are straightforward but effective. Liking Barca -- the pink and purple halves on the third are a unique take on their identity. Not sold on the hem stripes on the yellow clash, though -- I know fewer and fewer player tuck in their shirts nowadays, but that could still cause the effect to get lost.

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