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Pennsylvania Premier League - Hand Drawn Soccer Concepts


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Hello! I'm sure you've seen similar threads, but here is a premier league of Pennsylvania! I have 20/20 teams drawn and completed. The more C&C I get, the faster I'll post them. As of now I'm gonna do 2 at a time for 10 days. Enjoy!

Erie lakers:


Three River FC:


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I thought about that xenon, but I personally hate it when teams look very different than their home look. Thanks for the input though!

It's just a pet peeve of mine. I understand that it's an unpopular opinion. Some teams do have different designs by the way, a little preview

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Not exactly the cleanest of starts here, but I definitely see some potential...

I totally forgot to mention in my template post that the front of the jersey is supposed to be the "upper" part of the template, with the back being on the "lower" part.

The names and color schemes are very imaginative! However, the numbers look way too large; try using a number like 58 or something to get a more realistic sizing of the numbers.

Three Rivers' crest looks pretty nice, though I could possibly shorten the "pole" in Erie's logo; you could retain the whole idea of it, but I think a better soccer logo would have the logo inside an oval crest.

Just a few suggestions to help improve your concepts, and I can't wait to see the rest! :)

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Thanks for the input! Yes, there are drawing aspects that I should work on. I did use a small template. Also the numbers are big, but I put them in just to show the color of them. Anyways, here's Pittsburgh athletic, and FCUD!

Pittsburgh athletic:




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